Monday, September 2, 2013

London Ontario Cyclist Profile: Richard Sleegers

Well, a local cyclist has agreed to be profiled here on Rantwick, and I couldn't be more pleased. So, without further ado, let's interview Cyclist Wave Master Richard Sleegers!

RW: So, Sleegers huh? Are you related to the famous Canadian beer family? I love beer. In fact, I'm drunk right now!
RS: Yeah, I can tell. You're thinking of Sleeman's, so no, I'm not related.
RW: Woah, sorry about that. You look like a pretty regular bike commuter. Is that true?
RS: Nope. I hate riding my bike. My Lincoln Navigator was in the shop that day and my wife needed the Hummer, so I had to ride my bike like some kind of stupid loser.
RW: Wait a second. You gave me a wave. I was on a bike too, so I thought it was a gesture of transportational collegiality, if you will. Why did you wave?
RS: Well, everybody knows that cyclists are insane; I was just trying to fit in so you wouldn't, like, freak out on me or something. You said yourself you're drunk right now. Cyclists are notoriously unpredictable.
RW: You know what? That is simply not true! You've got cyclists all wrong! Now help me get into this scuba suit. I've got a bank to rob! You cool with driving?
RS: Hell yes! We can take my Navigator. Let's do this thing!
There was more to this interview/event but I have opted to omit the remainder in the interest of keeping my freedom. Needless to say, it did not go well.
-- end of fake interview --
The fake interview went so poorly that I'm looking forward to the real one quite a lot. I'm still a bit of a loner, though, so maybe email will do. I'm still percolating on that. Richard, I will be in touch with some real questions soon.
Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a video that will BLOW YOUR MIND. Here's a little teaser:
Yer Pal,


Steve A said...

I'll keep quiet for a paltry 2.5% of the take!

Richard Sleegers said...

Soo close on the Navigator, it's actually an Aztek.


Like, the guy in Breaking Bad had one, so it's cool, right??

RANTWICK said...

There was no take, I'm afraid. Really. None. Really.

RANTWICK said...

RS - Totally cool. That is one sweet ride.

RoadQueen said...


I can't wait for the real one either. :)

Thank you Richard!

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