The OFFICIAL RANTWICK Screen Savior Download Page

Hi All!

Odds are you have arrived here by following a link for downloading my "Screen Savior" screensaver, featuring a gentle image of Jesus Christ floating around and a simple, soothing soundtrack. Thanks! If you are reading this and wondering what on earth I'm talking about, click here. For those of you who are here to get my "Screen Savior", read on.

The true screensaver version of my video did not turn out quite as clear as the video, but it is still pretty good, I think, plus it's FREE! I have made an installer that will add it to your windows screensaver list and make it your current screensaver. When or if you tire of it, just change your screensaver in Control Panel. To remove it completely, use add/remove programs and uninstall it like you would anything else. I only have a Windows version, I'm afraid. 

To get the exe file that does what I have described above, click the link below, after this picture. Then click the Download button in the middle, run the exe, and enjoy! Please note: some browsers will warn about the exe not being signed. Digitally signing programs costs money I don't have. I can assure that I am not up to anything sneaky here.

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