Sunday, November 20, 2022

Encounters with Rantwick, episode Twenty Nine: Possum!

I had a really nice commute a while ago thanks to a few nice things happening. In this case I ended up recording myself telling the Rantwick clan all about it, and insodoing discovered I'm much more child-like in my enjoyments than I thought. It's all good though - being a little simpler can often result in being a little happier I think.

I hope you enjoy some of my newly minted rantwick family avatars; they were fun to make and work with. Here's the vid:

Wishing you your own simple delights,


Monday, November 14, 2022

2022 King of Autumn

As my interactions with this blog seem to dwindle despite my best intentions, I still circle back when I have something good to post. A tree in fully furious fall foliage remains one of my favourite things. The King has been tricky this year, displaying a wide variety of colours. As is often the case he chose bright yellow underpinnings and a fierce reddish orange overcoat, but also stayed a little green a little long in some spots. I took these pictures weeks ago, but here they are, better late than never I hope.

Winter is pretty much here in London Ontario Canada, first decent snow fall came yesterday. I hope it provides me with some great video or at least inspiration to make me post some more. In the meantime be kind to yourself and others and if that is difficult, maybe hug a tree.

Yer Pal,

Monday, August 1, 2022

Silverback Gorilla Foils Bike Thief!

Hello, long time no write, right? Not much writing in this post either, just a video to share. The video has all relevant info in it, so here:

Yer Pal,


Friday, February 11, 2022

Encounters with Rantwick, episode Twenty Eight: Rampaging Unleashed Dogs!

Hello! I've been like most people lately, just keepin' on keepin' on. I have not been enjoying the feeling of being sort of painted into a corner in which one feels angry at some people pretty much all of the time, and sort of obligated to be so as well. So I have decided to stop. Before all this polarizing stuff started I was firmly of the belief that most people are good. I still hold that belief, no matter what side of current social divides a person lands on. I want to stop criticizing and judging others for a while. Misguided and misinformed (by one great evil or another) or not, I like to think we're all trying to do our best in a shitty time. So I have taken all my bad feelings towards other people in both hands and packed them into a big dirty snowball. I then placed said snowball of badness on the ground to melt in the sun, got on my bike and rode away. While riding, I encountered some unleashed dogs:

Remember that hokey snowball zen thing? It is not really my style to engage in such visualization stuff, but in these uncommon times I am finding some small comfort in it, so fuck it, y'know? A different but similar thing I heard on CBC radio (a national treasure, btw) has been fun too: When something makes me smile I stick my index finger in the air and say aloud "delight"! Self-help nonsense for sure, and yet it kind of works to lighten my mood. After meeting those dogs I stuck my mitten (and concealed index finger) in the air and softly proclaimed, "delight"!

So what's my point ? I don't know. But I do know there's a world of difference between a dog who has escaped his leash and a dog who doesn't require one. I am aiming to be the latter.

Yer Pal,

P.S. Foul language is also helpful in soothing my troubled soul, so take your offense and ...