Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Sign of a Good Friend

When you are a boy, it is really pretty easy to tell your friends from your enemies. Your friends only pretend they're gonna hit you in the stones. Like this:
Totally good buds, you can tell. Right? Back me up here, fellas. OK, the one kid is a bit of a jerk, but still. Every kid has one friend like that and at least they're on your side...

One thing I found interesting was that when I showed the video to my son, he knew immediately what was going on there. Mrs. Rantwick and my daughter, had to really watch closely to figure out what that kid was doing. Ah, boys. I sure like being one.

One other gender based question/observation: have you ever seen any of the women in your lives give the fuel pump nozzle a little jiggle before removing it from the car? I don't think I have. It certainly doesn't matter to me whether they do or don't, but I know I always give it quick shake. I suspect (and think I've seen) other men do it too. Thoughts? Deep and meaningful sidenotes of your own? Rather obvious theories? Mad ramblings? All Welcome.
Yer Pal,


John said...

Here in New Jersey we dont have self serve gas, but I do when I fuel my bus.

RoadQueen said...

I always give a few good jiggles before removing the nozzle. That stuff's too expensive to waste even a few drops!

RANTWICK said...

John - No self serve in NJ? Learn sumpin' new every day.

RQ - Damn. Theory crushed. Outlier?

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

A couple jiggles to get the last drops out of the nozzle so they don't drip on the paint. I even go so far as to get a paper wipe from the window wash station to put over the nozzle end when I remove the thing from my motorcycle's fuel tank.

The car on the other hand is another story. To me the car is just an appliance. like the lawn mower or a toaster. I'll slop the stuff all over it. In fact my car has some weird black growth forming all around the fuel port. I figure maybe it's hydrocarbon molecules reorienting themselves back into prehistoric ferns or dinosaurs.

Nice label list at the end of your post.

RANTWICK said...

RCT - Glad you liked my list. It was fun to make.

johnnytrashbike said...

my friends and i used to put duct tape on various parts and rip it off. to see who wouldn't scream or cry.

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