Sunday, March 3, 2024

My Fun New Hobby

I've been attempting to promote my new kids picture book on all the socials. I created a new profile on most of them (pcnugnugs) so I could shamelessly plug my book without bothering my friends.

Thanks to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and AI tools, the world is AWASH in kids picture books and people trying to sell them. Makes it very difficult get noticed, so I'll just have to wait and see if kids and parents enjoy it enough to get more copies or tell friends.

On my promotion Facebook account I've joined a bunch of kid lit author groups hoping, like everyone else, to get noticed. This environment of naive first time authors is like fish in a barrel for schemy types. Some like to direct message you, praise your book cover and eventually try to sell you promotion services. So long as they're upfront about it, that's okay. Others, however, are impersonating the authors of very successful books. They send you a link to their bestselling title and eventually offer to get those some kind of numbers on Amazon for YOU!

My fun new hobby is to engage on facebook messenger and see if I can confirm for myself what they're up to. Then I tweet the legit author on X directing them to the likely hoax facebook profile's link. It is very satisfying, and who knows, it might result in a little goodwill among the legit authors. Even if not, it is pretty fun. That is all for now, be well and enjoy Spring.

Yer Pal,

Saturday, February 10, 2024

CURSE of the NugNugs: A Camping Story

Well, it seems obvious that I've pretty much stopped posting here or making videos; I'm sorry but I guess I've been distracted by new things, one of which was writing and illustrating a children's picture book. I have no intention to take this blog down or anything - I mean, there's so much wisdom here that I feel I must maintain it!

Who knows, I might feel the writing or video itch again, and I'll need somewhere to scratch it!

Anyway, since the blog is still here, I might as well use it to plug my book. It is called CURSE of the NugNugs and was spawned by memories of being scared to go to the outhouse alone when I was little. That seed turned into a silly story I told my kids on a road trip. Now, 15 or so years later, that has turned into a book:

Check it out on Amazon or get more info at

Thanks So Much,