Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Richard Sleegers Got Screwed and God Got Mad

Yesterday I posted the London Ontario Cyclist Profile of Richard Sleegers. For some reason, perhaps because I accidentally published it early and took it back, it did not show up in any of the feeds found on blogger sites. That's bad, because a large number of people who read this blog have blogger sites themselves. Richard Sleeger's post did not get the usual amount of attention. RS got screwed.
God loves Richard Sleeger and hates Feedburner, and so had a bit of a temper tantrum last night here in London. Lots of high winds and outstanding lightning. This tree clipped a house not two blocks from my my place:
I am hoping this post feeds properly. I don't want London to incur any more wrath. Follow this link to check out the mighty Richard Sleegers on yesterday's post!
Yer Pal,


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

This post fed fine. I did follow your link back to the RS profile. Nice work -Interesting to hear about other cyclists. Keep up the profiles.

RoadQueen said...

The post is showing in my feed now, Rantwick. The wrongs must now be right.

Richard! You're not being screwed anymore! Wait...that didn't come out right. :-/

RANTWICK said...

tks both

John said...

Maybe it's me but are the ads new to your web site?

RANTWICK said...

John - They're not new, but I'm always futzing about trying to find a way to make them pay without them being too annoying. I'm guessing you noticed them because I just finished monkeying around with size and placement again.

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