Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cycling or Cyclists?

Richard Masoner of recently posted something about the "dangerisation of cycling" that was prompted in large part by a paper by Glen Koorey of New Zealand. I'm glad he did, and that he encouraged his readers to read the whole thing rather than just the snippet he used regarding "dangerisation".
This paper seems to me a very balanced and informed piece of work that made me re-think how I see cycling advocacy, at least in some ways. The pdf of this paper is here. Rather than re-hash it, I just wanted to give it big "Amen, brother" and pass it on. If you're into cycling or advocacy or both, I think it is worth a little of your time.
Yer Pal,

PS - Every time I resolve to just stay clear of such matters and "just ride my bike", I get sucked back in. At least this time it was by a reasonable voice in these days of rampant hyperbole.


Mighk said...

Unfortunately the New Zealand author fails to recognize that segregated bikeways along streets contribute to the sense that roadway cycling is dangerous. Mikael Colville-Andersen did the same.

RANTWICK said...

Mighk - Perhaps so; I wish that they could exist for some without the accompanying popular notion that all people cycling belong in them. That is bound to always remain just a wish, I'm afraid.

I do like that the author stresses many other approaches that leave separate cycle facilities as one of the last things to consider. I'm not sure ruling them out completely is realistic any more.

cafiend said...

When I have time I'll read the article. Meanwhile I have an observation about separate cycle facilities: Throughout my life I have enjoyed using routes that only a bike could use as well as using the regular vehicular rights of way. Some of these bike passages were unintentional. Some of them have been purpose-built pathways. When they provide a more efficient route or one that is significantly more enjoyable and acceptably close in distance they can offer a very satisfactory alternative.

RANTWICK said...

Cafiend - Totally agree. I'm not sure if you're responding at least in part to Mighk, but if so I'm quite sure he's concerned about the message sent by european style cycletracks, a road beside the road seperated by real cement. These, for better or worse, seem to be coming, at least to big urban centres.

John said...

Guilty of not doing my home work and following your link,. but I have a thought...what if all the roads where encased in tubes so only cars could uses them ,posing no danger to pedestrians or cyclist or the environment.... hmmm. sounds like so many sci-fi scenarios from novels and old movies. =)

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