Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Well This Is Cool...

I recently posted a video of a "cyclist wave" featuring an unknown local rider. Miracle of miracles, this particular rider reads this blog at least sometimes! I know this because he commented on here once before some time ago. It really is a miracle, you know. If you knew how few people read this blog, local or otherwise, you would believe.
Anyway, London Ontario local Richard Sleegers dropped the following comments on that post:

I call that one my "motorcycle wave" but it's hard to see. I can't say that I heard the Woop, Woop, Woop as I passed by, but I may have been listening to a podcast.

The construction on Wavell had diverted me, I don't usually go out that way but eventually I knew the camera would capture me in my spandex glory.

and after that:

I watched the videos out of order, the "first contact" was silent. I usually only give a nod, maybe secretly I was hoping for a featured profile post.

Spandex glory captured, dude! I trust the lack of detail in the video was pleasing. What usually draws my attention to another cyclist, though, is the gear. Especially panniers. Also riding style. Maybe I'm crazy, but the combination of similar gear and a confident, efficient riding style (is that a noticeable thing for you too?) speaks of a potential kindred spirit, in cycling terms only, of course. The road ain't no church or political rally, thank my Lord and Saviour with the blessing of the Right Kind of government officials.

Where was I? Oh, yeah! "maybe secretly I was hoping for a featured profile post"! Are you kidding me? I would love to do a featured profile post! I mean, cycling site authors profile their cycling buddies all the time! I have no cycling buddies, so this is an awesome and unique opportunity for me! My question, however, is whether Richard was thinking a "Beard Guy"-style fake interview or a real one. I am totally up for either one.

Hey Richard, if you're still out there, let me know. The fact that somebody local has contacted me has me completely stoked. Do people still say stoked?

Speaking of "Beard Guy", that dude laid a beatific smile on me the other day when I said good morning:
The good vibes emanating from beard guy were powerful, man. They kept me buoyant and somewhat less than cynical for like, 3 hours. I'm hoping their power have travelled your way via photo. I bet they have. Can you feel it?
Yer Pal,
PS - Richard, if you're reading this and wishing you had never commented, let me know and I'll take this post down in a heartbeat. I'm not in this to make anybody uncomfortable, ever. 


RoadQueen said...

I hope Richard is a good sport and agrees to a fake interview, and then a follow-up real one!

You guys could meet for coffee of something for the real interview. On your bikes.

How cool would that be?!

RANTWICK said...

RQ - Hey, stop trying to set me up on coffee dates. If we meet for an interview, I might drive my car. You know, just to be contrary like.

RoadQueen said... car. You SHOULD totally wear biking sandals with socks, though. That would be a hoot, and a heck of a conversation piece!

limom said...

Wow! I'm stoked for you!

Richard Sleegers said...

Not uncomfortable at all, uh, spandex, remember?! You could do an interview where you take my lame answers and make them awesome!

RoadQueen said...

See there, Richard IS a good sport! I think you guys should totally get together for a double interview - one fake and one real. :)

RANTWICK said...

Well this is just outstanding. I think I'll do as RQ suggests. I'll start with fake, I think. It is late and I am sleepy right now. Monday's post will be prepared over the weekend, so stay tuned!

cafiend said...

Beatific bearded guys are well known to provoke positive responses in focus group testing.

RANTWICK said...

Cafiend - That does not surprise me one bit. Thank god for proper research.

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