About Me and Rantwick who is also Me

My name is Patrick Cormier and I'm a 54 year old Information Technology Manager living in Old South in London Ontario, Canada. Strangely, my degree is in English Language and Literature, from King's College at the University of Western Ontario. I was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but have lived here in London for over 35 years.

I started this blog intending to remain anonymous and to rant about this and that and so chose RANTWICK as my alter ego. I haven't ended up ranting as much as I expected... turns out I'm pretty happy. Sorry my name is a little misleading. I have also found hiding my identity more trouble than it is worth, so I have done a flip-flop and decided to write this page so my readers can know a little more about me and see my real face.

I intend to continue "being" Rantwick online because Rantwick is a little more free with weirdness than I am in my day-to-day life and I like that. I also love his funny little face. To summarize: I am Rantwick. I am sometimes a little odd  here on the blog. I'm cool with it. 

I am blessed with a great family consisting of an outstanding wife and two children that I couldn't be more proud of. I'm lucky in all kinds of other ways, one of which is that I have rediscovered the joys of cycling after something like a fifteen year layoff.

I started with video from the bike fairly early on by attaching an old digital camera with surprisingly good video capabilities to my handlebars. Back then, my wife said, "that's cool, just don't ever put the camera on your head". In April 2011, I put a new purpose-built camera right on top of my helmet. Mrs. Rantwick hasn't disowned me yet. I'm sure it crosses her mind sometimes, since I look like something of a freak when I'm out on the bike, which is pretty often since I cycle to work and back most days:

Me in winter gear. When my balaclava is up, I look more like a scuba diver than a cyclist.

The helmet cam marks me as a special person.

My helmet wasn't geeky enough, so I added a super bright blinkey light.

I think the fact that I am willing to go about in public looking like this speaks volumes about how much I enjoy writing this blog and making bike video to share with you all... I mean, wow.

My silly Rantwick face is based on a link bitmap I made for a long-retired family web site about 23 years ago:

Although cycling is a frequent topic here on Rantwick, I have found that I am incapable of writing about it exclusively... I am easily distracted by other things and can't seem to resist writing about them too. I love that people stop by to read this blog; I hope it makes it into your "FUN STUFF" category. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to comment or email me any time. I really like that part.

Yer Pal,



Anonymous said...

Your article about the bike shops around London was extremely helpful, so thank you for your time annoying the various employees to be able to write it. I haven't decided on a particular shop, but South London Cycle seems particularly customer oriented with their bike repair class (I feel naive saying that).

Nick said...

I have dealt with Wayne @ South London Cycle since 1986. He does not have the most extensive supply of parts, but he'll order what ever you need if it's not in stock. He does great work and is as honest as the day is long. Super guy to deal with.

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