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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cycling or Cyclists?

Richard Masoner of recently posted something about the "dangerisation of cycling" that was prompted in large part by a paper by Glen Koorey of New Zealand. I'm glad he did, and that he encouraged his readers to read the whole thing rather than just the snippet he used regarding "dangerisation".
This paper seems to me a very balanced and informed piece of work that made me re-think how I see cycling advocacy, at least in some ways. The pdf of this paper is here. Rather than re-hash it, I just wanted to give it big "Amen, brother" and pass it on. If you're into cycling or advocacy or both, I think it is worth a little of your time.
Yer Pal,

PS - Every time I resolve to just stay clear of such matters and "just ride my bike", I get sucked back in. At least this time it was by a reasonable voice in these days of rampant hyperbole.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Am I Crazy?

I have long professed my predilection for being a solo rider, an intentional loner, if you will. I'm not really into a bike club or lbs social scene... I value the solitude offered by the bicycle very highly: it is my zen time, not to be impinged upon by the ramblings (or space taking uppings) of others. I find it calming even when riding in full downtown street mode.
Here in London Ontario a local cycling advocacy group has gotten some press and God help me, I've asked to be involved. Here's the email I sent:
I am year-round bicycle commuter here in London who up until now has had no involvement in cycling advocacy. Your recent media attention has peaked my interest in your group and made me think about joining in the discussion.
I would like to know more about your group, and may be in a position to forward the cause (in a small way) online.
Patrick "Rantwick" Cormier

This isn't like me at all. If they get back to me, I'll have to, like, meet some new people! What have I done? Plus, in pasting my email, I have noticed a grammatical error! "I am year-round bicycle commuter"? They're bound to hate me from the start!
Seriously though, this is different from participating in group rides and stuff like that... unless they're into CM and shit, which I have no interest in. I think it likely that if they get back to me, they won't force me to ride with others.
As much as I want to just ride my bike, I'm feeling like I want to add my voice (and opinions) to the discussions of what London needs to promote cycling. I have read some stuff that makes this group seem like typical bike lane proponents; that isn't bad so long as it's not all about the paint. Even if it is, maybe I can add a voice that helps reduce poorly planned paint! I love bike lanes, really, when they make sense and are safely designed.
Caring about stuff sucks. I mean, when you start caring about stuff, it makes you start doing stuff. This is bad news for a person who is lazy by nature. Damn. Am I crazy?

Yer Doomed to Do More Stuff Pal,

PS - Under my new rules, "uppings" (see first para) is a real word.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Preaching to the Choir

I read things and sometimes those things line up really well with what I think. Eliot Landrum has posted such a thing on In it, he says crazy radical stuff like, "The solution for today, right now, is driving my bicycle on roads that are comfortable for my skill level." 
It may seem like I'm mocking, but I'm not. Simple ideas like that are often missing from discussions about cycling these days.
This article is among the most sensible I've seen in a long time, espousing a reasonable alternative to relying solely on this kind of stuff:
(picture stolen from article)

Check out the article "Of Reality and Dreams". If you have any interest in what I think about cycling advocacy stuff, this is a perfect case of "like he said".
If you have ZERO interest in such things, that's cool too. I won't pull a Wan Ming on you or anything.

Yer Pal,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Kia Sportage Commercial - Share The Road

There is a car commercial that is airing (or aired) recently here in Canada that has me kind of intrigued. I have no idea if it has aired in any US  or European markets, so I figured I would post it and see what my very intelligent readers thought:

I find it encouraging and positive and manipulative and sort of ironic all at once, but I'll save the rest of my ramblings for the comments. Am I just being stupidly cynical about a perfectly good sign? What's your take? 

Yer Pal, R A N T W I C K