Monday, May 6, 2013

Blog Spaz

Lately some of my efforts, those directed at this blog included, have been less than coordinated. I wish I was writing more... once again I stand in awe of those who manage to do it nearly every day. I find myself instead jerkily moving from one almost random task to the next. Not moving like a jerk (I don't think), but rather with rapid, clumsy activity rather than well planned productivity. I have long been kind of ADD that way (I lost the H somewhere in my 30s), but it has seemed worse to me lately. Now it would seem my nervous system is getting in on the act:

A few days ago my hand just didn't follow commands and did this jerky clunk thing. It couldn't have taken more than a tenth of a second, but oh, the carnage! You see, I was scooping ground coffee into a coffee machine at  the time...

When I decided to write this post about this little calamity, all I could think of to call myself was a spaz. Does anyone say "spaz" anymore? If so, should they? I mean, it is based on the word spastic... I worked for and became very close friends with a young man who was "spastic quadriplegic" many years ago; leaves me feeling a little bit guilty when I use it now.

I remain hopeful that I will start updating this blog more often again, with better content than stupid snapshots of my minor failures and too frequent whining about how little time I have to write. Wish me luck for your own sake, you awesome oft-suffering reader of mine.

Yer Spaz,


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your affliction Rantwick. It is probably the reason you have such a zany sense of humour that we all love to read.

RANTWICK said...

Zany! Awesome. Thank you very much, anonymous! Thanks to that comment I'm gonna be gettin' ZANIER. Can you handle it? No way. Not this kind of zany, you'll see.

cafiend said...

I do something like that several times a week. Sometimes it's the ground coffee. Sometimes it's repeatedly bumping the same spot on my elbow on various hard corners.

Yesterday I was nuking my cup of coffee, which I seldom bother to do (I just drink it cold) when the mug unaccountably squirted out of my grip and doused the microwave, the counter, the floor and the front of my pants. Good thing I wasn't going out anywhere just then.

RANTWICK said...

Cafiend - Outstanding, my friend. Carry on.

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