Friday, May 10, 2013

Must Share Video

Thanks to Byron at for posting this before me. Danny Mac is still my favourite, but that doesn't make this any less awesome.

Good Lord. How Do these guys do that? How?


Anonymous said...

Amazing video!

limom said...

I can do that!
Okay, not really.

RANTWICK said...

Vicki - I know, right?!

limom - Guys like that don't know a kiln from a kilt. Yer good.

RoadQueen said...

Oh I totally do that on the weekends.

Not Really.

Even in my dreams, if I attempted any of that, I'd be dead. X-P

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid my health insurance company would raise my rates or drop me if they knew I watched this video. =)

Anonymous said...

Cafiend posting "anonymously" from work. Afraid I can't be a total fan. Mini-bike boy was out of line snatching the ice cream cone from that woman. Would he have dared to do so from a burly dude? Little tinge of misogyny with his larceny. Rad outlaw riding is one thing. Victimizing bystanders makes it a bad piece of PR.

Anonymous said...

BTW I know she was a knowing participant, but the story depicts the behavior in a positive light. Steal MY ice cream and I WILL bring down the wrath on you.

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