Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poo Ladder Plus!

I don't know how to introduce this bit of my damn awesome life. Just read on, I guess!
I needed to use an extension ladder to get at a 2nd floor air conditioner at my house. Surveying the back yard, I saw a few dog poos. I scooped 'em, not wanting to bring the ladder out with them around.
I ascended the ladder and did my work. Little did I know, I had stepped in dog poop before doing so. I got to discover that terrible fact by descending the ladder, putting my hands on the poo my shoe had deposited on the way up. Yes. It was awesome.
Thankfully, the same dog that made the poo that ruined my day (and my ladder) also loves me AND CAN TELL ME SO!
For those of you who are only about cycling, please note that my Chico sessions feature me in cycling shoes after my PM commute. That's all I got.
Pity me. Envy me. Both apply!


TrevorW�� said...

Soooo cute & loveable...clever too. That's Chico not you Rantwick.! :-)

Steve A said...

After watching the video, I COMPLETELY forgot about the poo and never noticed what kind of shoes you had on.

RANTWICK said...

TW - Thanks! I agree on all points.

Steve - Snowface is a show stealer, for sure.

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