Friday, May 10, 2013

Mental Junk Drawer

Fire drills at work still make me want a smoke. That's what a person does when forced outside for a fire drill. (I was a pack a day smoker, quit 13 years ago and have had minor struggles in recent years. I'm good now though).
When you go to the Library and don't really know what you feel like reading, you kind of have to read a book by its cover. (Quote by Rantwick girl the younger)

Why the hell does my phone send me a text message to tell me I have a voicemail? I DON'T UNDERSTAND. The phone already has voicemail notification thing. The text is redundant and annoying.
"... a Can not a Can't"? Really? So lame. Also, I hate it when companies try to brand their activities as some sort of thread in our National fabric. You're an Canadian oil company using "Canadian" tech to get the oil that's hard to get. Good for you. Combines? Snowblowers? The Last Spike? Good grief.

That's it. Have outstanding weekends, everybody!
Yer Pal,

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