Tuesday, January 29, 2013

TARATS Finale!

Apologies for the glitches and sometimes poor timings in this video. I have HAD IT with my video editor pgm. I spent hours getting everything perfect and it plays beautifully in the editor, but the final output ends up like this. GAH!
Anyway, thanks to all who entered my contest; I look forward to doing it again in the Fall.

Congrats Josh! I will email you for a mailing address soon. You too RCT.

Yer Pal,


Anonymous said...

What a great video and song! I'll keep an eye out for a better entrant for next time, it's been fun Rantwick! Congrats to the winners too.

rlove2bike said...

The important part is and I quote you, Mr Rantwick..."I look forward to doing it again in the Fall."

Thanks for the contest,

Big Oak said...

Way to go Josh!

Being a man of poor taste, I really enjoyed your video! I especially enjoyed the song. And Grumbear.

RANTWICK said...

Vicki - Thanks, it has been my pleasure.

RL - Yeah, the smackdown will be back.

Big Oak - Poor taste? Grumbear is popular only with the most refined. Everybody else just trembles in fear.

Steve A said...

Great video. In the unique Rantwick manner.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Congrats Josh! What a fine contest some great trees this time around -thanks Rantwick. Thanks everyone for the votes that propelled my tree to that hallowed spot the first loser!

RANTWICK said...

Steve - Why, thank you.

anniebikes said...

Spectacular tree Josh. Congrats!

Dee said...

I am humbled that my trees earned such a sincere sound track. Thanks for all the hard work to put together such a fun contest.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Josh! :)

Kenny said...

Only nine months for me to create a dozen new fake internet identities and start posting here to get street cred so I can use them to hijack the voting next time so the bottle of maple syrup will become mine! All mine!


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