Friday, January 18, 2013

Pretty Morning and Crazy Dog

As many of you are already aware, I have a helmet cam and I take video of most of my commutes. Over time I have developed a system for dealing with lots of mostly boring footage.
When processing video files it is easier if they aren't too big, so I stop and start the camera as I ride to avoid massive files. The thing is, I often couldn't remember if there was anything good on the cam when I hooked it up to the computer, and was stuck either deleting files because I couldn't remember or wasting precious time watching the clips from beginning to end.
What I do now is this: If I've ridden for a while with nothing interesting happening, I will reach up and block the lens with my hand for a few seconds before stopping the cam. If I have seen something I want to keep, I don't block the lens and sometimes I say something to describe what is on the clip. That way when I'm at home I just skip to the end of the clip to see whether I should delete it (blocked lens) or review it.
Believe it or not, all of the preceding stuff is only there to explain my comments at the very end of this unedited clip from this very morning. It was the first "cold" day in a while (-10 C) and I left early enough to stretch out my ride. It was a really great commute about 45 minutes long. The clip I'm posting here will give you a taste of how nice it was...

When I compare this kind of thing to driving to work, well, um, there is no comparison at all. If you drive a car every day, you gotta try this if you can. Really. 

Have Great Weekends, All!
 Yer Pal,


Anonymous said...

The FRIENDLY dogs here want to race you and will cut just in front of your front wheel. They think it is great sport. The bad ones just go ahead and try to attack. Nice morning, even with the dog adventure.

rlove2bike said...

That is a sweet trail you commute on along with a nice sunrise for a bonus. Next week that -10°C might feel warm. lol

Thanks for posting,

Anonymous said...

What a great trail to commute on. Do you film your commute everyday in case someone in a car cuts in front of you?
Vicki of Bicycles in Newcastle

anniebikes said...

I love this video. I presume those were lightly fluff-coated pathways and not covered with crunchy ice. Can you imagine the dog skidding in front of the bike?

Thanks for a laugh.

Anonymous said...

Aw, the pup got scolded, poor thing! But also glad you didn't get wiped out. Nice vid! It's already back in the 60's here, though the nights are still real chilly.

RANTWICK said...


I take video mostly for the purposes of making silly or sometimes educational videos... while if somebody does something really heinous video evidence may come in handy, I'm not much into scolding motorists for everyday offences like some seem to be.

RANTWICK said...

anniebikes - yeah, that was just a dusting of snow on dry trails

cafiend said...

Scolding motorists or dogs only works if you have proven to them why you are the dominant member of the pack and should be heeded. Otherwise they either ignore it or bite you.

Doohickie said...

Beautiful sunrise. That's the part I miss not commuting by bike. On a happy note, though, I *did* ride my bike to work today. I decided I'm going to ride to work at least once in a while.

RANTWICK said...

Doohickie - Atta boy. I drove today; sometimes there just isn't time to do things my way.

Alex said...


"Good Morning!"

I like that response. It's such a change from the venomous anger that is usually out there.

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