Friday, January 4, 2013

The Return of the How's My Driving? Sign

I've been reading some old posts on this blog and I think I'm gonna try the "How's My Driving?" sign again for a while.
I have 3 main reasons:

1) I have never tried it in winter. The fact that I'm out in the snow and ice might spur more people to comment. We shall see.

2) My URL is way more simple... ( people may remember and use it more easily. Plus, there are way more smartphones out there than when I tried it the first time. I hope and pray it is the passenger responding, though!

3) That sign kept me really honest when it came to riding responsibly. Having it displayed makes me ride better / more safely.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As before, the sign may draw comment trolls and other honestly angry or rude people to this blog. Engage if you like, but follow my lead and kill them with kindness and utter civility. If you can't do that, do not comment. This is about a hopefully useful discussion between me and the motorists who see me, not name-calling or finger-pointing or any of the other nonsense that plagues comments about cycling all over the Internet. 
Yer Pal,


Steve A said...

I'm told that comment trolls really enjoy your blog. I'm not the one that sends them here. Other than an occasional stop sign transgression, your driving is generally pretty darn good - assuming, of course, those videos are not carefully selected to fool us. Based on "THE RANTWICK WAY," I'd not be surprised if you picked out shots more on interest than based on road technique. Good driving is mostly pretty boring to watch compared to craziness. Still, I look forward to your reports. As Rant would say, "+1."

Dee said...

I figure any cyclist who can still blog is doing OK in the driving department. Ride safe.

Pondero said...

Nice going, Rantwick. I applaud your "kindness and utter civility" approach. Keep up the great work!

rlove2bike said...

So, this isn't similar to the tree smackdown? Darn!!

Thanks for posting,

RANTWICK said...

Steve, Dee - I'm pretty confident my driving is fine, especially when I'm sporting that damn sign. This is more about encouraging conversations with people who wonder what I'm doing in the lane, etc.

Pondero - Thanks, man! That approach sometimes takes some real self-discipline, lemme say.

rlove - exact opposite, correct. None of your usual obscene trash talk, OK?

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