Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Waverley Mansion, Rantwick's Mother's Style?

I have been away without taking my leave. I know it has left all who read this blog depressed and curious whether I have died, or at least I like to think it has. I have every intention of resuming regular posts soon, but I have been busy with something very important: moving my Mother into a retirement place here in London.

A Thunder Bay resident for the last 55 years or so, this is a big deal for my Mom, and she's embracing it as best she can. I am pleased and proud and generally emotional right now, which is another reason not to write things here, since my few readers have become accustomed to my diamond hard, analytical mind of super scientific exactitude. I can say, without tearing up, that I am super happy that my Mom is now in the same city as my family and that of my sister's.

She is moving into a place that is about 4 blocks from my house and has recently gained some youtube notoriety, Waverley Mansion.

There's the Christmas Song:

And what started all the kooky fame, "Call Me Maybe":

Or their latest release, "Gangnam Style":

My Mom is in none of the preceding videos, being a new arrival, but has expressed an interest in being in the next one. I never ever ever ever would have predicted that. Which is awesome.

Rock On, Mom.


babble on said...

Erm... yes! Yes that's it exactly... that's the reason I click here. It's your diamond hard, analytical mind of super scientific exactitude.

RANTWICK said...

Well, duh.

John said...

I feel you, we just transferred my mother-in-law to a rehab facility...When my son was younger, she watched him after school, then as they got older he watched after and took care of her. Now they are both looking at living in dorm rooms for the foreseeable future. Very difficult times indeed. Wishing you and all yours well. =)

RANTWICK said...

Thanks John... overall, things are working out really well.

AndrewNixon said...

Hahaha...thanks for those links! Almost pissed myself watching Gangnam Style. :)

Steve A said...

I wonder - will we soon be seeing Rantwick's mom out and about, with a sign inquiring about her riding? OR, shall we see a video with her educating us about the perils of parking lots? Either way, "good on ya!"

RANTWICK said...

Andrew - no probs. I'm not sure I want to see Mom in one, but that is not my call.

Steve - Hah! I should make her a sign for her walker. For the info of others, my Mother used to tell us kids that parking lots were among the most dangerous places in the world (which is totally true for small children). I mentioned this years ago, and Steve has always remembered it. His memory is sound, anyway...

rlove2bike said...

The videos were, well, GREAT!! That was fantastic.

I hope the best for you and your Mom. You said it is a big change for her, but for it is you too.

Thanks for posting, made my evening. hehehe

Big Oak said...

Oh my God, that is a hoot! It is hard to type with all these laughter tears.

It looks like your mother is in caring hands there. I suspect she'll get along just fine.

RANTWICK said...

rl - Thanks for your best hopes, and I'm glad you liked the videos.

Big Oak - I suspect she will too. Thanks, man.

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