Tuesday, January 22, 2013

-18 C , -0.4 F: At Least It's Winter

Coldest day so far this winter for me here in London Ontario. The ride in was great, but I overheated a bit, having been a little too enthusiastic in dressing for the first real cold day of the year.
I am jealous of those experiencing colder temps, mostly because I would like to break my record of -23 C. That isn't very cold compared to what some Canadians and Alaskans and others do quite regularly, but hey, a personal record is a personal record, right?
Mutant Winter IV is performing really well. Needs a rinse though. The bike thaws out and drips dry indoors when I am at work, but I really should rinse that salt and dirt away. I am, as always, being lazy. I drenched the whole bike  (especially the components, bolt heads and spoke nipples) with Boeshield before the snow flew and it is showing no signs of suffering at my lazy hands so far. I'm sure there is a limit to what it can take, though.
This is one of those days when coworkers see me in my bike stuff and instantly proclaim "you are CRAZY". I like that very much. I think I'll just keep it up.
I am working on the TARATS video, but it is slow going. Thank you, entrants, for submitting your votes. The winner shall be revealed as soon as I can finish the thing. Stay tuned and enjoy the weather, wherever you are... all weather is fun, when you make a game of beating it.

Hey, I have discovered a pretty damned good page (and web site) on winter cycling for those who have an interest: Winter Cycling 101 . This was authored by a fellow Canuck who rides in Edmonton, Alberta. That is hard core compared to me, for sure, and this dude has a good overview written up.
Yer Pal,


Anonymous said...

It all sounds horrific, I will stick to my heatwaves, much preferable to riding in snow and ice. Though I do like the reactions of your co-workers, that makes it all worth while. I look forward to the TARATS vid.
Vicki of bicycles in Newcastle

GreenComotion said...

I haven't ridden in Ontario in a long time. But, when I did, I had a crummy bike and pathetic clothes.

Now, I know better or I like to think so.

There is a guy I know of, who rides in Sask. Brrrr!

Peace :)

Dee said...

I am shocked that London is so much nicer than Sherbrooke, which was serious brass monkey land when I lived there. I am keen on sourcing that lube, since we have now had a bucket o wet season dumped on us and a good grease seems to last about one hour. My co-workers think I am a bad ass for riding in the rain, but it is 25+ C after all.

Steve A said...

-23C would be a record low down here in Dixie...

rlove2bike said...

As a bike shop I have did a lot of business with says when I buy lube "Ahhh Boeshield, the good stuff."

I take the name calling as compliments.

I hope you got my picks. Looking forward to the report card.

Thanks for the post,

RANTWICK said...

RL - Yep, I got your picks. Just slow on the vid. I don`t use boeshield on my chain (I prefer Tri-Flow or even good old 3-in-1 oil for that) but use it as a protectant on everything else since it dries to a waxy, non-messy film over stuff.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

-10C here this morning. I didn't grab my heavy gloves this morning just my regular fleece ones. That was a mistake. This was my coldest ride in so far.

RANTWICK said...

RCT - Fingers and Toes, man, fingers and toes. Always the trickiest. Unlike BSNYC's comment race. You been rockin' that.

TrevorW�� said...

I thought that we'd had some pretty bad weather but yours sounds horrific to me... I think that I am too much of a wimp to ride in the sort of conditions that you have been having..


RANTWICK said...

Trevor - As always, the right gear makes all the difference. I have tons of stuff that I have acquired specific to riding comfortably in colder weather. I'll take -10 C and dry over cold rain any day! Today was cold rain.

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