Thursday, November 1, 2012

TARATS Entries 13 & 14

The newest entries in TARATS are from Australia! I was pleased to have an entry from the Purple Traveller in the UK last year (I'm hoping he'll be back), and now this! Awesome. Thing is, it is Springtime in Australia because, well, Australia is located in the Southern hemisphere. If an Aussie wants to enter my contest with Spring trees because that's what they have when I'm flogging my contest, I'm gonna let 'em. If you don't like it, you can just Go Stuff Yourself (see sidebar for helpful advert).

Be sure to check out the slide show on the entrants page to see the two entries described in this email:

Here are two. The purple Jacaranda is in Brisbane, I photographed it on my way home from Canada near the end of September. It is an iconic sign of spring in the sub-tropics here, Brisbane has many fine examples. The red is the Poinciana I photographed on my way out to the dam yesterday in Townsville. There are better examples, but this one is part of my routine so I appreciate it more. I hope people don’t mind that you allow ‘non-standard’ entries, but I thought this was too fun to miss. You have some stunning entries this year.

Does anybody else find the place name "Townsville" kind of funny, in a "Cityburgh" kind of way?

Anyway, this year's smackdown has contestants that are helping me redefine the rules, that's for sure! Multiple entries? Why not? Spring trees from Australia? You bet!

The way I see it though, this is a stupid contest with stupid prizes and flexible (stupid) rules. Am I wrong? No, I'm not, because it is my contest! If you think I'm wrong, well, uh uh, YOU'RE wrong, stupid! Go run your own stupid contest!

This post has proven to be a great deal of fun to write, way more fun than I expected when I started. I have discovered that writing the word "stupid" a lot is super satisfying, almost as much as using the word "mutant". It's the little things, y'know?

Yer Stupid Mutant Pal,


Steve A said...

Lovely trees, but I suggest that you need to note that, for the Aussie trees, that the "A" in TARATS stands for "Australian." If Kiwi entries come in, "A" may mean "ANZAC." I have no suggestions if you should get an entry from Paraguay.

RANTWICK said...

I had to look up ANZAC. Nice reference, but the Kiwi entry would have to come from a military person, wouldn't it?

The naming convention will have to change next year anyway... FARATS II? 4ARATS? Just ARATS4? I think I like ARATS4.

Paraguay still burns, I guess.

TrevorW�� said...

Following my last years entry I went back to get a picture of 'my' tree...If you remember it was on a private country estate.
Well since last year they have increased security around the estate and now it is impossible for me to see the tree, let alone get near it for a picture...But worry not..I am out on the search for a replacement entry and who knows I could well have multiple entries too, they just might be left till the closing stages of the smackdown..!


RANTWICK said...

Trevor - MORE security? Wasn't last year bad enough?

I'm pleased to hear you're on the lookout... you add some international prestige to this already outrageously prestigious event!

Dee said...

Thanks for bending your rules! This is a great contest.

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