Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Something Encouraging from the Middle East

I ran across this on YouTube and I found it encouraging. Since encouragement is something we can all use, I thought I would share...

Despite how things sometimes appear on TV, the world is not all about religion and politics and fighting. Sometimes people just want to rock out together.

Yer Pal,
PS - After writing this I returned to the video, read the description and went to the user's channel. I found that this video was posted on the Official YouTube Channel of the State of Israel. Does that make it some kind of propaganda? I don't know... still just seems like a nice story to me. I find it curious though, that as soon as I figured out that it was posted by a government (any government) I became suspicious of motive. That sucks. Hey, look at me: I went from encouraged to bummed out by my own cynicism, all in one short blog post. Maybe that's why I generally stick to bikes and trees...

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John said...

It's been said that "ignorance is bliss", but I just want to be happy, is that wrong? =)

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