Monday, November 26, 2012

The Texan Rebel and the Flowering Aussie

I'm gonna start writing Romance novels. I mean, look at that tag line! I hope you weren't getting all worked up for some steamy story that has nothing to do with pictures of trees, though. This is just a Third Annual Rantwick Autumn Tree Smackdown post, so cool your jets and check out some trees, you sex-crazed freaks!

Email about what I'm calling the Texan Rebel:
 None of the other trees in Texas seem to get it, but this one does.  He (I think it’s a male) resides on the golf course at River Crest Country Club here in Fort Worth.  I snapped this picture today while running errands.  If you want to see more from the ride, click here (Facebook link):
 I was really pleased to get this entry from Doohickie, a reader who's been around pretty much since I started this thing. While I'm thinking of it, thanks to everyone who takes precious time to read my nonsense, whether you're a new arrival or long-time drivel junkie. I really appreciate it.
I also appreciate Doohickie's tree; it reminds me of that old Sesame Street bit:

Now, what about our "flowering Aussie"? This is an entry from a SECOND Australian person, Vicki! It is Spring in Australia, but as I have stated before, if Aussies want to enter my contest while I'm flogging it with the Spring trees they've got at the time, I'm gonna accept those pics.


Dear Rantwick

I live in Oz and it is not Autumn here, it is Spring so did not think I would be eligible to enter your wonderful competition, but then the other day I saw this tree in flower and it looked so much like an Autumn tree that I decided to give it a go, as you seemed to be flexible in your entry requirements. I think it is a flowering gum as it was in the distance and I could not get close enough to it to check.

Vicki of Bicycles in Newcastle


Hey, if any of you are still struggling with your over-sexed imaginations thanks to my post title, just imagine this instead: The Aussie with Flowering Gums. Problem solved, yes?

Stay tuned; I have fallen behind in posting the TARATS entries, so I've got a Virginian and some Texan twins waiting in the wings, coming soon to a TARATS post near you. Or near here. Well, here, really. Come on back, OK?

Yer Pal,


cafiend said...

I have to send you my attempts including some up-trunk action on a colorful maple.

RANTWICK said...

Ewww! I'm sorry, I know I started it! Ewwww!

Steve A said...

You've got an "OK" tree? I didn't know they actually HAVE trees in OK!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my entry Rantwick! It looks quite puny in relation to the other entrants but in its favour, it does have an intensity of colour that is quite striking so I hope that will be one of the judging criteria.

RANTWICK said...

Vicki - Winners are usually decided by some kind of voting scheme... last year the entrants voted for each other... maybe I'll do that again. Not sure yet.

RANTWICK said...

Steve - You confuse me as usual. OK? Wavin' wheat? Is that what you mean? Huh? What? Or, as Mrs. Rantwick would say, habadoo?

Anonymous said...

There's a tree here in West Texas that also seems to get it. I took a pic of it at the community college last month-ish with this contest in mind but got the lazies and haven't sent it in yet. Guess I better get to it!

RANTWICK said...

For those of you who are riveted by my comments and commenters, you will be please to know that Anon got to it indeed and I have the entry. Good old Anon!

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