Friday, November 30, 2012

New Hampshire Weighs In

Longtime friend of this blog Cafiend has not had good luck with his best Smackdown tree again this year:
As usual, my best tree eluded me. It stands majestically on a knoll in a nearby village not along one of my regular routes. This year it wasn't ready and then was stripped by tropical storm winds.

The trees I submit are maples around the shop in Wolfe City. I got artsy with the up-trunk shots because it's hard to get a good canopy shot from a distance. Buildings, streets and power lines interfere.

I knew those big winds were gonna cause trouble, dammit. Didn't stop Cafiend though... he sent me these three

and decided on this one as his official entry:

Very nice, indeed, don't you think?
Please have excellent weekends, everyone! The first "real" snow of this winter is falling outside my window. I hope it stays. Some snowy video will make a nice counterpoint to our next TARATS entry from Jen in El Paso Texas, TARATS 19th person to enter, which means it has surpassed last year in every way! Woot!
Yer Pal,


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Yes the up-trunk viewpoint is a nice change.

You see what everybody's doing Rantwick, they're all holding back like this is some kind of poker game.

Steve A said...

I'll call your trunk and raise you ten red leaves!

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