Friday, November 19, 2010

RANTWICK's 2010 Christmas List and The Perils of Affiliate Marketing

I am not a greedy man. I am not a rich man. I do, however, find myself wanting things despite the fact that I don't "need" them. My material desires are small compared to many. Nice cars, for example, I am happy to enjoy vicariously through others. In other ways I am a good little consumer who has the requisite well-developed acquisition gland that made the Western World what it is today, for good and for ill.

Most of my itchings to purchase can be rationalized and paid for by yours truly, with no need for xmas listing behaviour. Other things, however, I simply can not jam into a mental framework that allows me to spend the money personally. These things belong on my Christmas List.

I am in something of a quandary this Christmas, because the things I want are also things that are advertised over there >, so if somebody buys me something I will make a small commission on the sale. It was bound to happen, of course, when I started running ads for stuff I liked rather than ads that just appeared based on what content was on my pages without my input, that I would want some of them. I guess this bit is aimed at being open and honest about it. Now, to what I desire!

Here is my Christmas List. Attention, friends, family and anybody else who wants to buy me something, I want:

1) This WWF T-Shirt (size XL)

End of list.

I'm not kidding. I want it bad.



Apertome said...

Hmm, I've tried this minimalist Christmas list approach before. It didn't turn out the way I'd hoped. Well, sort of. I did receive the one item on my list -- a thermos -- but the whole idea was to make Christmas shopping easy for people.

What happened instead was that my wife got me something much cooler, and suggested the thermos idea to my mom. But mom didn't get me the thermos.

So, at the last minute, my wife felt like she had to go out looking for a thermos for me. After all, she didn't want me not to get the one simple item on my list.

End result, I got something awesome PLUS a thermos, but this unnecessarily complicated things for my poor wife.

Steve A said...

REI gift certificates for me. Any denomination will do if you don't mind looking cheap.

John Romeo Alpha said...

White Industries 16t ENO freewheel, please. Please.


Kokorozashi said...

Dude, that shirt is awesome!

I remember when the WWF/WWF controversy happened when I was a kid. Back then, I thought, "Wait, why don't they just join forces? That would be awesome!!!"

Apparently, I wasn't the only person having that thought.

Oh, and for Christmas, I just want world peace -- or, short of that, for the various parties within the US government to stop bickering for like one day.

Wait, no, world peace would be a lot easier.

RANTWICK said...

Apertome - Don't worry, Mrs. Rantwick has developed strong skills in ignoring the content of this blog. It's how she maintains any interest in me.

Steve - Find your own corner to beg on. This one is mine.

JRA - Find some other place to feed your addiction to bicycle crack. That White Industries stuff is like, poison, man.

Koko - Requests for world peace are always welcome on my corner, unlike competition or drugs.

GreenComotion said...

cool tshirt...i have not had a list in many years. i will gladly accept a cool hendrix tie-die shirt this year.

peace :)

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