Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ads On Rantwick

Most of the bloggers I like best don't display any ads; they just post their stuff because they want to and I love them for it. Really successful ones like Fat Cyclist and bikesnobnyc have ads, but I don't know if they make any money worth mentioning from them.

Some of you may have noticed the return of ads to my blog. I don't feel any need to explain why they are there, but I think it is best if my readers know how they work. The type of ads I am displaying now have been chosen by me, thinking that they may hold some interest for my readers. That's why there are non-cycling ones like Footie Pyjamas or Fortune Cookie Soaps or Donkey Tees (I think I need the WWF one).

The ads I'm displaying have nothing to do with a "pay-per-click" kind of thing. Click once or twenty times, I won't know the difference. If you click one of my ads and end up buying something from the site, I will get a commission on the sale. I feel kind of cheap somehow, when most of my best blogging pals don't do it. My reality, however, is one in which something I spend this much time on should, ideally, make a little money.

Nobody really likes ads. I know this. Thanks for sticking with me in spite of them.

Yer Pal,



Anonymous said...

Hey, its always good to know where I can find more Monkey Socks! I guess my only surprise is that you haven't included ads for jugs of Canadian Maple Syrup - or is this something you are still working on? ;))

Kokorozashi said...

I <3 footie pjs, personally, and I think the most recent time I found a purveyor of footies for grown-ups, it was through an ad on somebody's blog, so we're good :)

No problems with the ads here. You're still awesome!

Kokorozashi said...

Oh, also, I have no problem with people in general plugging products they actually like and support :)

Marrock said...

Heck, I never bothered with ads mainly because I'm not always entirely family friendly and no one bothers to read my blog anyway so it'd be a waste of time.

Apertome said...

I have contemplated adding ads to my blog, but I haven't done it. I still might try it at some point.

I find your ads inobtrusive and amusing. I don't think there's any need to feel dirty/guilty.

I would guess you might have more luck with a pay-per-click thing, though. At least for me personally, sometimes I click on ads, but rarely do I end up actually buying something that way.

RANTWICK said...

PaddyAnne - Maple Syrup... of course! I'm gonna go see if I can find an advertiser.

Koko - Thanks man.

Marrock - Yeah, they make keeping it clean more important for sure. Thankfully I was pretty vanilla in the first place.

Apertome - Thanks, I do try to keep 'em under control. Nothing worse than getting slammed hard by ads.

As for pay-per-click (Google Adsense or others) they are really easy to implement and I had those on my site for a long time. Clicks were very rare and I thought I would try this tack instead... I guess I'll just see how it goes.

My suspicion is that no matter what way you do it, you need WAY more traffic than I get to make any money.

If my blog ever gets popular, I guess it will be ready.

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