Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Foreseeable Future Features FARATS Fall Foliage Field Finalized

You know, the way we all get busy and time flies at this time of year, the deadline for the First Annual Rantwick Autumn Tree Smackdown entries (Dec 15) will soon be upon us. If you are somebody who considered entering the smackdown and forgot or just someone who hadn't heard about it until now, I want your 2010 Autumn Tree picture. You could win a small amount of one of the very best potable liquids known to our species (the human one, I mean, not the bike or tree freak one).

Since we're getting close I don't want to preview any of the entries for fear of influencing votes, so here are some pictures of Autumn trees from a different angle. This little log jam has been accumulating against the footing of a bridge on one of my commute routes. On a morning featuring a nice mix of Autumn sunlight and available time a few weeks ago, I took these pics (click 'em to see larger versions):

Preceding photographs Copyright © 2010 Rantwick. No Rights Reserved. Do whatever you want with these photographs. Just don't contact me about it, especially if you make money with them somehow. Then I really don't want to know.

I want more FARATS pictures.



Steve A said...

"...the very best potable liquids known to our species..."

You changed the prize to Canadian whisky?

RANTWICK said...

You're thinking of the Potent Potables category from Jeopardy!

Also, I said "one of", not simply "the" very best. But you knew that. You just like whiskey. I concur.

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