Thursday, November 4, 2010

2 New FARATS Entries!

I am pleased to have 2 new FARATS entries to share with you.
The first comes from Big Oak of Big Oak Bikes in Indiana. Here's what he had to say:

Here is my official entry into FARATS. This is the LAST tree with leaves I can find. Its neighbor was spectacular last week, but alas, I had no camera, blah, blah, blah, no photo.

Anyway, I'm excited about the prospect of real Canadian maple syrup. I don't like to brag, but I was a maple syrup judge in 1992 for the Wisconsin State Maple Syrup Festival. My in-laws live in Vermont, another maple syrup haven, but I'll bet the glacially-derived soils of southern Ontario and the sweet climate there combine for a delicious syrup. I only hope I have a chance.

I'm looking forward to see how my photo fairs in the competition, but also to see the other photos entered.

And here is his tree;

I am secretly encouraging Big Oak to let me crop his picture for greater single tree oomph, but that's just between you, me and the tree trunk.

The second new entry is from PaddyAnne of Pedal Talk out in Vancouver. Such was her fervour to photograph a killer tree that she crossed the continent... here's some of what she wrote:

"The Empress" lives in Cornwall-on-Hudson, NY. Unfortunately bad weather blew away the leaves of other trees I was following here on the Wet West Coast.

Although seemingly a bit petite, "The Empress" was chosen due to her fresh, dainty, shimmering, etherial and elegant appearance. You can view her from top to bottom, side to side - the picture captures her completely, nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

And here is her entry:

I'm secretly encouraging PaddyAnne to send me a larger picture if she has one, but that's between you, me and the maple root. PaddyAnne also sent these pictures of her "next best" tree... a big bastard she dubbed the Emperor. Here are those non-entries just for kicks.

Thanks PaddyAnne and Big Oak! Those are some pretty sweet trees.

Hey, keep 'em coming! I need at least a few more to make it interesting. There's still lots of time... submissions accepted until Dec 15.



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