Monday, July 21, 2014

I AM. Sorry

In 2006, there was a very popular ad campaign by Molson breweries with the tag line "I AM. CANADIAN"

As a result, the title of this post will mean a little more to Canadians than others. There's another stereotype about Canadians, the one saying that we are extremely polite, to the point of being ready to apologize at the drop of a hat. Being characterized as an extraordinarily civil and conciliatory people sits fine with me, and in this sense it would seem that I am a true Canadian:

I hope you enjoyed my video. If not, please accept my deepest apologies. I will endeavour to do better next time!

Was that too much? Sorry, eh.


GreenComotion said...

Having lived in your lovely country and met a ton of Canadians (most of whom were nice to me), I say it is a great country and y'all are great people. But, Molson simply didn't cut it for me. I was a Labatt's fan :)

Now, on a serious note...
1. I am glad you didn't get squished and what highway is that? So, busy, dude.
2. I am glad to see you are using the Hero more often. Do people ever not talk to you, b/c you have a helmet cam?

Peace :)

cafiend said...

Wow. You are so nice. Driver pulling a left from the right lane? That rates a WTF in my book. On the other hand, an American -- as opposed to Canadian -- driver cutting you off with a left turn from the right lane would have laid on the horn and cursed at you. In Amurica the best defense is a good offense. And a good offense requires one to be good and offensive.

RANTWICK said...

Chandra 1. Don't really remember, I was out for long country ride and ended up there. It wasn't so bad. 2. I have been using it all the time as always, just haven't gotten around to posting much.

Cafiend - I love my country, but I am sad to admit that there are plenty of a-holes here too. Just not that time.

Steve A said...

IMO, confused motorists are not limited to your locale. Today, I saw a police cruiser make a right turn from the left turn lane. And not to pull anybody over.

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