Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Encounters with Rantwick, episode Twenty Three: Bugs!

In this episode, I literally encounter bugs:

What the youtubers watching that video without visiting this fine site will never know is that I have a secret. I am almost afraid to share it with you, but I am going to do so in the hope that I might reach and help others with my affliction.

I HAVE HAIRY ARMS. It's true. The thing is, hairy arms are quite good at catching small bugs. MY HAIRY ARMS CATCH SMALL BUGS. THEN I BRUSH THEM OFF.

There, I said it. Whew, I can't believe I was so stressed about it. I mean, I'm FREE now, man! No longer will I hide in the shadows concealing my bug ridden hairy arms! I will walk in the sun brushing flies out of my arm hair for all to see! Do you get it, brother? IT HAS HAPPENED and I can finally LIVE for real. For real, do you get me! BWAAAHHAHAHA! Phoosh! I feel so much better. Wow.

Yours in Freakish Catharsis,


Richard Sleegers said...

Sometimes I feel like I need a decontamination room before I enter work, or home. Especially after a ride near the river, like in the video. Even worse are bugs caught up in the helmet, or the "phantom bugs" that aren't really there at all but make you wiggle the helmet around to get rid of them.

Steve A said...

Flying insects are surprisingly rare around DFW once the heat dries things out. Presumably, fire ants are not a hairy arm problem.

RANTWICK said...

Richard - I hate phantom bugs, I know exactly what you mean.
Steve - Fire ants! I hate to imagine. Although I bet myhairy arms would flail about in a very entertaining way...

GreenComotion said...

Join the club with the hairy arms, Patrick.
I get a load of them on my trek back from work.
Nice video!

Peace :)

PS. Have you figured out how not to choke when they go into your nose and mouth? :)

RANTWICK said...

Thanks Chandra - nope, I choke like everybody else !

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