Friday, August 23, 2013

I'm All Good

Crabbiness overcame me yesterday. I'm not going to apologize for it, since what I wrote remains true. However, I was taking things a little too seriously. I mean, I have a loving family, a good job, a bike, a car and several personal interests (including this blog) that I find really enjoyable. One of my brothers has a great expression that grounds me real quick: my problems are First World problems. I won't try to explain that, because thankfully Rantwick readers are real smart, like genius monkeys on intelli-crack smart.
You know, it's not like I have a toddler on a leash who falls down and causes me to lightly kick my dog at the end of a tiring and dreary winter day:
Poor woman. I hope and trust that she has had many enjoyable moments since that one.

It is still Summer, my toddlers (one of which could have used a leash) are awesome almost full grown people and my dog says I Love You pretty reliably when I get home each day. I'm all good. 
Yer Pal,


Steve A said...

Now that I'm back in Texas (for the moment), I feel a compelling need to state that I really enjoy your blog!

cafiend said...

I like reading about the life of someone who rides a bike more than bikier-than-thou manifestos by the self-proclaimed leaders of the subculture.

If the rest of the world ever gets to anything close to our level of comfort and affluence they will amp over their remaining, relatively trivial problems as much as we do.

Ian Brett Cooper said...

I enjoy reading crabby blog posts. Heck, I reckon the best time to post on my blog is when I'm angry or annoyed. I reckon the resulting posts are often more entertaining than posts written when I'm in a good mood, and if not, at least they are therapeutic.

So don't be afraid to post angry.

RANTWICK said...

Steve A - Why thank you, you sarcastic bastard.

Cafiend - Thanks man. You of course are right about people and problems... it is simple human nature. I'm no philosopher, but don't many point out that we define outselves by "suffering"?

Ian - Sounds good to me, so piss off! hehe

limom said...

You do realize there's a rant in RANTWICK.

RANTWICK said...

Too true! The name has been with me long enough that I kind of forgot.

RoadQueen said...

First World problems. I like that. I've been in a pity-party slump lately myself. But of course...they're First World problems.

Thanks for the perspective, Rantwick. He's not here just on his good looks, folks!

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