Friday, June 22, 2012

POV Cycling Video Bits n' Pieces

I've had a few snippets of video that I didn't know what to do with for a while, so I strung 'em together:

About the video:

- The under-bridge guys were just doing an inspection. I don't know what the deal was with the masked dude though.

- I was in a hurry and actually used that unsecured rack, fretting a little for the 20 minutes or so I was in the office building.

- Pedal boat guy was a really nice dude, but I have forgotten his name. He said the boat was fun but at over 100 lbs and with his little passenger to boot, a killer on hills. I'll bet.

- My friend Rolly witnesses majestic birds plucking snakes right out of the grass when he's on the bike path:

Rolly's Hawk

I get bounding groundhogs.

-  On the fugitives: I actually called the cops and asked them if they had any cases / incidents reported at that place and time because I had video if they wanted it. Although some woman up the street was yelling at those guys, it wasn't anything that got reported.

Still very little time for writing and few ideas for anything substantial lately. That video camera on my head is really saving my ass in terms of giving me stuff to post!

Have great weekends, all.

Yer Pal,


GreenComotion said...

Very nicely done, Patrick!
What are you using for editing the videos? I am trying to learn iMovie, as it is free and resident on my MBP. I have been seeing hawks around here as well. We have advised our OD/ID cat to watch his a$$.
Enjoy your weekend as well!
Paz :)

RANTWICK said...

Hey, thanks man. I use an inexpensive thing called VideoPad that is doing the trick so far. Not so long ago it was more difficult to find Windows based editors that handled mp4 files... I did an evaluation version of Sony Vegas and liked it, but didn't want to spend the money.

limom said...

I don't know why, but the video reminded me of Monty Python.

cafiend said...

I've gotten a computer that will show my helmet cam videos and I've started amassing some raw material but haven't found time to edit it down and jazz it up the way you have. Keep throwing us tidbits, they're great!

RANTWICK said...

limom - I don't know why either... but it is better than it reminding you of some horrible childhood memory, I guess.

cafiend - I look forward to seeing some NH vid!

Steve A said...

No more videos! It is tempting me to join the Klingon camera league! Next think you know, Rantwick will mention his Mac and iMovie...

RANTWICK said...

Oh, there will be more. Lots more. You will join us, Steve. The Geek Lord has spoken to you and you must answer the call sooner or later.

As for Macs and iMovie and all that, I've always been a Windows man and am unlikely to change... I think.

John said...

Toxic trolls and pedal boats, it doesnt get any better... but then you add the flying snake. Resistance is futile.

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