Thursday, November 3, 2011

Unfortunate Word Choices

I don't usually buy newspapers, but I do read the articles online sometimes. On Monday I noticed this intriguing headline displayed in the London Free Press newspaper box:

Of course, several scenarios sprang to mind and these scenarios led to multiple WTF attacks. My struggle with Word To Form syndrome is well documented in these pages. You can learn more by visiting the link in the sidebar.

So, what kind of crack drives away protesters? Perhaps a great fearful fissure in the earth's crust!

pic sources here and here

Or Maybe it was Crack cocaine...

crack pic source here

Were they actually under threat of giant, looming Butt Crack?

butt pic source here

If you found that last one distasteful, well, sorry. If it is any comfort I chose a dainty lady butt instead of one of the multitude of way ugly big fat man butts that were more readily available.

Of course, the article wasn't referring to any of these types of crack, but rather possible divisions within the protest group. That doesn't make for much of a visual. Dear Headline authors: Please have mercy on this poor WTF syndrome sufferer. Please.

Yer Pal,


Kokorozashi said...

What does it say abut me that the first thing that I envisioned was the third scenario pictured here? (Unfortunately, my mind's eye skipped the 'dainty lady crack' and went straight for the prototypical atrocity associated with certain careers in thart and science of building maintenance).

I then forcibly replaced it with something like vignette #1. Only mine involved fire shooting from the earth, perhaps in an effort to sear from my mind forever the initial vision of terror and dismay.

RANTWICK said...

Me too man.

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