Monday, November 7, 2011


Biodiversity, most thinking people will concede, is important. Whether it is important to my SARATS might be debatable, but it is a good enough argument for me to include the following from John Romeo Alpha of One Speed: Go! 

JRA lives in Phoenix Arizona. I figure if people who live in the desert want to find a way to enter my Autumn Tree Smackdown, "Fall Colour" needs to be a flexible term. Thanks for the pic, JRA!

I also received a more foliage driven entry from Johnny of Johnny Trash Bike:

Nice work, Johnny. I dig the old stone building in the background. Johnny didn't tell me what City the tree was from... perhaps he'll let us know in the comments.

Yer Pal,


johnnytrashbike said...

sorry, i forgot. this was next to an old graveyard in wellsville, pa(somewhere between york and harrisburg)

RANTWICK said...

No sorries allowed on RANTWICK, my friend! Thanks for the details.

Steve A said...

This weekend will tell if there is a Texas tale to be told. Our rain tonight suggests a Holy tree may be the thing since we were nearing our color peak.

Kokorozashi said...

Wow, JRA's entry is awesome! Also, great creative thinking, there. Great entries so far!

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