Wednesday, November 23, 2011

MEC London Ontario - Opening Non-Update

Disregard the following stuff, because London MEC is open as of Dec 1, 2011. Thanks to Mike M who left me a comment letting me know. If you want to check it out, you can click here for my info on location.

Hey there. Just a quick note to all you people who are landing here looking for info on the Mountain Equipment Coop opening... I called MEC and they still don't have a hard opening date for the store. The signs say "Late November" but I got the feeling from the guy I talked to that it may be postponed a little.

Staff are on site and inventory is going in but that is all the detail I could get for now. For every scrap of information I've posted so far, you can click here.

Important unconfirmed non-update update: Anonymous has commented that "the buzz is Sunday, Dec 4th". As of Dec 1, MEC is open! Thanks to Mike M in the comments for the heads-up.

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Fortin said...

I sent their head office an e-mail on Friday the 25th and they responded fairly quickly that afternoon. I expressed some frustration with how they keey delaying the opening. I remember seeing the job ads saying they were opening the start of Oct. and then they changed it to late fall, and now late Nov.

Well, its now the END of Nov and they still aren't open nor were they able to say anything in their response other than "keep checking our website for details."

Thanks Rantwick, your info is better than anything I've gotten from them so far.

RANTWICK said...

No problem! From the number of visits I've been getting, we're not alone in being eager for the store to open.

That said, it is not uncommon for projects like this to get delayed, for all kinds of reasons. I'm sure they're none too happy about missing these precious days during the big shopping season either.

Anonymous said...

The buzz is Sunday, Dec 4th.

Mike M said...

Apparently the store opened yesterday!

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