Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cast Away A Canuck! Help London's Chris Ellison Get On CBS' Survivor

Despite the way I often bash TV, I still watch quite a bit of it. I am particularly fond of The Office (US version) and much to my chagrin, Survivor.

I heard a snippet on CBC Radio this morning highlighting the efforts of a London Ontario man to get on Survivor as a contestant / castaway. Thus far there has been an "Americans only" policy in selecting people for the show. Anyway this guy Chris Ellison really wants on and is petitioning CBS and Mark Burnett to try to get there. When I heard him on the radio he seemed a well-spoken, good natured, non-crackpot Canadian and I wanted to do my part to help if I could.

His petition site will no doubt get lots of support from locals and other Canadians, but I am posting this because most of my readers are Americans and my hope is that if the show is catering to American viewing appetites (naturally), votes from people in the US might be extra helpful. So if you have a spare moment, check out the main web site here and if you are so inclined, fill out the online petition here. I mean, can you think of any situation, real, reality-themed, surreal or whatever kind of real you want that wouldn't be improved by adding a Canadian to the mix? I can't.

See? This guy is totally Survivor material.

Good luck, Mr. Ellison! I know you can do it. Eye of the Tiger man, Eye of the Tiger.

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Nat said...

nice! go sign the petition at

RANTWICK said...

I've already done it and requested Ellen and Oprah interview Chris by clicking here and here.

Rantwick regulars: if you go sign the petition, please let me know in these comments so everybody can see how kind and cool with Canucks you are....

Steve A said...

Inspired by your post, my comment was "Give the Canuck a chance!"

If the guy's a curler, I'll talk my kids into signing as well.

RANTWICK said...

Steve - He's Canadian isn't he? Of course he's a curler! Every Canadian child learns to curl even before they learn to skate or play hockey, as soon as they are weaned! He just left it out of his bio because, well, it doesn't apply in the tropics. Now go bug your kids to vote too.

RANTWICK said...

Oh, yeah, thanks by the way. Votes from Texas count like, double.

Saskboy said...

Captcha is "moran" HAHAHA.

Anyway, I was going to say that if a Canadian competes, he'd win, and shame all earlier American winners by the ease with which they outlast the others ;-)

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