Saturday, February 5, 2011

NHL? Non, non, silly... TDF!

I read an article yesterday that got me pretty excited. Steve Bauer is putting together a mostly Canadian cycling team capable of competing at the highest levels, and he is quite ready to poach hockey players to do it. He was one, after all. He and the SpiderTech racing team, however, need big fat sponsors to get from where they are to where they want to be.

As a recreational and commuting cyclist of the non-club variety, I have never taken much of an interest in competitive cycling. The idea of luring hockey players into the kooky world of professional cycling, however, makes me want to. I mean, a Canadian team in the TDF? Holy crap! I would be all over that!

Can you imagine what kind of impact a pro cycling team composed of former hockey players could have on a sport that describes any kind of shoving or pushing or punching as "fisticuffs"? Don't get me wrong. I want to see a Canadian pro cycling team that plays by the rules and competes well. I would also like to see how free any of these dudes would be with their fists (or slapping hands, or whatever) if their opponent was a Canadian hockey player (retired).

I hereby need to see a top tier Canadian pro cycling team come to fruition and am writing emails to some bloggers who have actual audiences hoping they will help beat the drum. Wish us Canucks luck!

Yer Pal,


Big Oak said...

Hey, Good Luck! I can see the domestiques body checking the Schlek brothers now!

Anonymous said...

As a former Edmontonian (well, for 5 years) and former Oilers fan during its "hey-day", hockey died for me the day Gretzky was sold to LA. I wish anything to do with bikes and cycling well, but I will be more interested when they start bringing in our Champion Gold Medal Curling Teams!

jeff said...

I went to the fights and a bike race broke out?

Steve A said...

As a former LA resident, my reaction the day Gretzky was sold to LA differed from PaddyAnne's. They are the "Kings" for a reason. I think Dallas has a hockey team but I can't remember their details.

OTOH, GO CURLING! And no, I don't have any "Canadian Club" stashed in that broom handle!

Who cares about any of that biking stuff, anyway? Those cyclists are all just hanging around until some truck squishes them. If you doubt me, read the comments on most any story in the Sun. Take your pick of WHICH Sun.

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