Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Acts of Lego Kindness and Other Good Things

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've had a case of the holiday blues lately. I know, I know, cry me a river. I have no right to feel down about anything because I am truly blessed in all of the most important things. I'm writing about feeling low, though, because I am feeling decidedly better now. Yesterday was a really great day for lots of reasons:

Winter Arrived in London Ontario:

My bikes shared a brief moment together as they passed the torch and commiserated over carrying my big butt to work and back every day. Summer has been safely stored in the shed, and Mutant Winter has taken her spot in the porch lockup. Highway (the Trek 520 build), on the other hand, is living in the basement like some weird freeloading aunt who is hoping for some attention over the winter months. We shall see.

Mrs. Rantwick and I went out to do some top secret Christmas stuff yesterday morning. When we arrived home,we found this awaiting us in our bedroom:

It almost made me cry.

Please note that I will not tolerate any suggestion that this message is some kind of self-serving effort to curry favour during this time of intense focus on children's desires. This was the creation of Rantwick Jr., the same kid that created the Grumbear.

I saw a Grumbear on a family hike once.

He is a giving and genuinely loving person who, at least right now, simply doesn't think that way. Suggest any different in the comments and I will send the Grumbear your way, and believe me, you don't want to mess with him:

Later we went to a kids Christmas party at my work, where I was once again reminded of how good people can be. Tons of people volunteer to make it a truly great thing for the kids, with free food, carnival games, a bouncy castle and a really great Santa Claus (you rock, Larry) sporting a real great white beard among other nice things. People from work (some of whom one would never suspect) do all kinds of work to make it happen and I just show up, have a great time with my kids and go home happy. If any of you are reading this, thanks so very much. You put on what must be the best kids Christmas party in town, bar none, and I really appreciate it.

By the time you read this, I am hoping to have enjoyed a fully blissed-out MUP ride through powder (London doesn't plow most of the paths) coming in to work. If so, expect more good vibes from this direction soon.

Yer Decidedly "Up" Pal,

PS - If you're new here and were expecting a rant, sorry. I chose my name only to discover I don't often fit it very well. I do get a little ticked sometimes, but in general I'm more on the positive side. I still like my name though, so, tough.


Steve A said...

I still have the little bell thingie out of plastic cups my oldest made back in elementary school. It makes it all worthwhile...

Anonymous said...

I love that Grumbear !!

And no, I would NEVER be so low as to think Rantwick Jr would be trying to soften up his parents, never !!

cafiend said...

Based on this post and a comment you left on one of mine, you've probably had November Psychosis, perhaps manifesting as just a mild Winter Solsticitis. Around this time of year I dig in and tunnel toward the beginning of January, when I swear I can already spot a whiter brightness to the sun and a faster leap into the morning sky. All my plans to live an active mental life by the warm fire and artificial light break up in periods of ADD interrupted by naps. This can be particularly difficult at work, where I can't get the naps. There I do a lot of pacing.

I used to keep myself busy with dry-land training for cross-country skiing and winter mountaineering. Having turned to challenges that use more fine motor skills and less clambering around in the ice and snow, I have lost that refuge. I need to adjust the balance a bit.

RANTWICK said...

Steve - Yep. Kind of grounds a person.

PA - Grumbear lives in my office, where I use him to scare away those who annoy me.

Cafiend - similar... especially hte ADD part.

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