Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cast Your Vote in the First Annual Rantwick Autumn Tree Smackdown!

First off, if you have no idea what FARATS is, click here. Then, if you want to read every single stupid post written about it, click here, and be prepared to see most recent posts first. I don't like that, but can't seem to change it either.

Now, for the 30 or so people who know what I'm talking about already:

OK, sorry I'm late. I've been messing around with online voting code. Believe it or not, it is hard to find stuff that will handle the Twelve FARATS entries we've got! I think 12, an even dozen, is pretty good, don't you?

I have determined that rather than fussing about any more, I'm gonna put the poll in the sidebar where it is easiest and will remain visible, so after reviewing the entries in this post, vote for your favourite over there >>>

I said earlier that I wasn't going to name the entrants, but now I think that just takes some of the fun out of it, so I've done a 180 on that and the poll will have their names right in it. Anyway, here are your FARATS entries! In an effort to present them in "random" order, they are alphabetical by submitter. Linked names go to their blog if they have one. Remember to click on the images for bigger versions!

Big Oak's, from Auburn, Indiana:

Chandra's, from the Campion Trail in Irving, Texas:

John Romeo Alpha's, from Phoenix, Arizona:

Keri's, from Florida:

Kokorosashi's, from New Albany, Indiana:

PaddyAnne's, "The Empress", from Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York:

Pattie's, from London Ontario:

Rantwick's "King of Autumn" from London, Ontario:

Rat Trap Press' "Charlie Brown" tree from Fort Worth, Texas:

Steve A's, from "a secret, maple-free location in North Texas":

Tracy Wilkins', from Springfield, Missouri:

Sir "Willie Bean" Wallace's "Lady Guinevere", from Lord Stanley's Park (Stanley Park), Vancouver,BC:

Study these images well and don't vote before you are sure of your favourite! The poll shouldn't allow multiple votes.

Thanks to Everyone Who Participated! The tree receiving the most votes and one other lucky entrant chosen at random will receive a fantastic maple-y prize!

PS - I just had a terrible thought... if you submitted something and I have missed you somehow, email me ASAP!


Steve A said...

So, how far from Phoenix is Pheonix?


Oh, by the way, my tree isn't from "somewhere in Texas." It's from "a secret, maple-free location in North Texas."

RANTWICK said...

Thanks Steve. I corrected my spelling and updated your location!

Apertome said...

Great roundup! It's a tough call, but I've cast my vote.

I forgot -- repeatedly -- to submit anything. It's a mistake I'll regret for the rest of my life.

RANTWICK said...

Now now, I know I said that, but it'll be OK. There's always next year... SARATS!

Keri said...

It turns out we are suddenly awash in colorful vegetation. I don't remember it ever being this colorful here, I wonder if it was the unusual December freeze.

Anyway, vote cast :-)

GreenComotion said...

Thanks, Patrick for the opportunity to present our trees from TX!
Peace :)

Kokorozashi said...

Finally got my vote in! There were some really impressive entries this year -- and now I wish I'd thought to include a bike in mine :D

Looking forward to seeing the final results!

Also, I thought of you warmly at my family's Christmas brunch as we discussed the virtues of Canadian maple syrup with one of your countrymen who joined us for french toast casserole.

Happy Almost-New-Year!

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