Saturday, December 11, 2010

One Last Plea: Foliage Me.

As the deadline for FARATS (First Annual Rantwick Autumn Tree Smackdown) entries approached, I figured I had received all the entries I was gonna get. Then I got this email and entry from Sir Wallace, aka a-dude-I-won't-use-the-full-name-of-just-in-case-he-wouldn't-like-that. Here it is:

Sir Wallace sez: The name of my tree is Lady Guinevere, as she was (apparently) the only one standing after all of all of the knights of the round table perished. This was the ONLY tree left with colour when I went out to take pics.

Anyone who is reading about this for the first time might think Sir Wallace a little odd with all this "Knights and Ladies" stuff, but I started it with naming my tree the King of Autumn and inviting pretenders to the throne, usurpers, etc.

I was super pleased to get this late entry... it made the December deadline kind of worth it. Now those of you who haven't entered but were thinking about it have one last chance to make it EVEN MORE worth it!


The "y'all" is dedicated to the twisted Texans who choose to read this blog despite its decidedly Canadian (maple-y) flavour. I love you guys and gals, especially when you make worthwhile attempts at getting good fall tree pictures despite being at a distinct disadvantage in terms of foliagity. Yes, "foliagity" is now a word, because I used it and at least one person (you, I bet) understood my meaning. I feel like a God. I Make Words.

If you are reading this, have a tree pic suited to my contest and don't get it in before (or on) Wednesday, December 15, 2010, you will likely regret it for the rest of your life. Or for several really glum seconds. Depends on the person, you know?

Thursday December 16, the post featuring all entries and a method of voting for them will go up. Voting will end at 12:01 AM January 4, 2011. I chose that date because it gives people a chance to recover from new year's hangovers, return to work and start wasting time online again. Some people, you see, stop goofing off on the Internet and enjoy their families and stuff over the holidays. Other people, like me, will be riveted by the voting action on FARATS and pay attention to their loved ones when it is more convenient.

Can you feel the Holiday JoyJoys Yet? Try harder. I mean it. Get Happy, Now! But No Pressure, Really. Except from those you care for. Pressure from them.



christopheru said...

Well ok, here is part of a tree for you. I happened to notice that parts of trees were ok from a previous entry. However, I suspect that this won't count since it is not a 2010 picture (don't shoot me! This fall was a dud for me time wise! I could not get out with the camera much! I took no trees captive with the camera!) but is rather a 2009 picture.


I have no idea if the html will work, but the link does!

John Romeo Alpha said...

Email sent! PHX represented in the FARATS. Even though we lack trees that change colors. And seasons in the usual sense.

GreenComotion said...

"Twisted Texans" LOL! I is lovin' it!!
Peace :)

skippy said...

Found you through Blog Catolog but seen your comments on fatcyclist.
Won't send you Fatty's photo of the trees changing colour as they were so amazing compared to what i was seeing in Austria & Germany this year.
Your snow also is heavier than we are receiving this year, tried to telemark/skitour today and the grass was pushing through on the turns, no fun at all
Best for the 10lb contest and as yet the scale has moved about 1/2kilo for me so i look as though the festivities will pass w/out a blowout.

RANTWICK said...

ChrisU - Thanks for the link, but I am accepting 2010 pics only, since I mean to make this an annual event. The link got cut off (at least in my comments screen) so anybody who would like to see that pic can click here.

JRA - Thanks, and not too shabby for Pheonix! The rest of you will ahve to wait to see it.

Parrabuddy - Hey, thanks for dropping by and leaving the note. I am going backwards in Fatty's contest so far, and have gained weight. Hoping to rally.

christopheru said...

That is no problem. I sent it since you like foliage pics :) enjoy!

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