Friday, December 31, 2010

FARATS Fixer Found! Feeble Foliage Freak Forgiven.

My mystery visitor left an anonymous comment confirming that they had loaded the votes for RTP's Charlie Brown tree. For those of you who may not remember that entry, here it is:

Here is what Anonymous had to say in answer to my query as to whether they had voted many many times for this tree:

"I did and i feel bad. i just liked the little tree.sorry i wont do it anymore if you want to start over."

The feeble foliage on RTP's small tree was bound to evoke feelings like this in somebody. I thought from the start that it might win thanks to its "Charlie Brown" qualities. How can I not forgive somebody who feels remorse and "just really liked the little tree"? Didn't we all? Don't feel too bad mystery visitor, because I've got a decent solution that does not involve starting over.

For submitting an entry that moved somebody to vote like crazy, RTP will receive one of the prizes. The entry that receives the next highest number of votes will receive the same prize, as will one more entrant selected at random. This bumps the prize count from 2 to 3, but when you start with really small and cheap prizes, it's not so bad.

the prize: 100 mL (3.4 fl. oz.) of pure joy joy tree juice

I admonish anyone reading this or interested in this contest not to engage in any more crazy voting - one vote per reader, please!

Oh, yeah, Happy New Year! Can I do that now, or am I guilty of premature congratulation?


GreenComotion said...

hmmm...crazy voting person, eh? can't one figure that out from the IP? just curious ...

happy new year, patrick!

peace :)

Anonymous said...

feeble? that is mildly provoking

Kokorozashi said...

Happy 2011! Looking forward to the final FARATS results ... on tenterhooks!

In other news, I wonder if it's possible to travel through an airport in the US while on tenterhooks. They sound, well, pointy.

RANTWICK said...

Anon - The "Feeble" was supposed to refer to the Foliage, not the Freak...

It could have read, "Freak For Feeble Foliage"; I would have gotten another "f" in there too. Damn.

GhostRider said...

One of the last contests you ran (with the Canadian Tire money) was fraught with a vote-stuffer, too. I know a thing or two about that...bicyclists -- can't trust 'em!!!

RANTWICK said...

GR - You are so right. Cyclists are definitely subversive anarchists.

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