Monday, July 18, 2016

A Canadian Bike Commute: Courtesy Gone Wild!!!

I'm not gonna write much for this, since the video does it all. You will notice in watching it that I am much like a small child who repeats something they find funny way too many times. But this is my blog, so tough! I tell that one way too often too! Hah!

Yer Pal,


John said...


cafiend said...

I love the sound effects.

cafiend said...

Oh yeah: I had a mower dude turn off the blades so I wouldn't get choked in a cloud of dust this morning. Maybe he saw your video!

Steve A said...

Hmm, Being Internet metered here in Ocean Shores, I've been avoiding watching your video, but after getting "Canadianized" yesterday, I could no longer resist, wondering if it was a London version of Pacific "near the 49th parallel" courtesy. I was relieved to find your Ontario courtesy is equally nice as the West Coast, but definitely different.

OTOH, I DID notice that had you swerved a bit more to the left at that first mower, a head-on would have made the video much shorter. Also, the guy who said you were the first one to have said "on your left" all day MIGHT have been a gun-crazed American just looking for an opportunity to shoot a cyclist, which you DENIED him through your courtesy gone wild. Either way, GREAT video and I'd like to say I really enjoy your blog!

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