Sunday, November 27, 2016

Catching Up

July 18? That can't be the last time I posted here! Holy crap, man! I mean, like, I stopped posting for a while and Donald Fucking Trump got elected President of the United States of America. W T F. PREVIOUSLY POSTED POLITICAL RANT REDACTED.

When I originally posted this I was a little more judgy and ranty than usual. There's plenty of bad vibe political stuff out there and I really don't need to be piling on like that, so sorry. More than ever, I think I need to revert to my usual cycle joy joy ways. Also, I will try to remember that a few beers go a lot further than they used to with me these days, if you catch my drift.

Speaking of things we don't speak of, however, I had a stroke about eight months ago that I swore I wouldn't mention again. I remain committed to not making this blog about stroke, but as many of my readers may have figured at the time, I won't be able to talk about myself (the single most important human ever) without talking about stroke. Mine was a hemorrhagic, not ischemic, which makes me a stroke weirdo, really. Anything I have to say doesn't apply to most stroke victims.

When I went into rehab, my singlemost important goal was riding again. I'm doing it on a regular basis now and have been since mid summer, but it drains me in a way it never did before. That said, I still love it and continue to ride as much as I can, usually to work and back on my new super duper bike of sick obsessive buildy love.

I've got some overdue pics of The King and some video I hope to post soon, but for now I hope it is enough that I've touched base. If you're reading this, I Love  You. If you're reading this and have read this blog before, I Love You Even More

Yer Pal,


John said...

=) So good to see you posting here and on the other platforms. The time away has stood still. We all have our health issues to deal with as we see fit. I'm glad you are working your way back and are still able to enjoy one of the pure joys in life, cycling. As for the politics...well there is a certain "irony" in the Trump thing (of which I'm not a fan of his). Fidel Castro's passing brings to light the plight of common folk. Castro as I understand lead a revolt and succeeded, to rid his country of casinos and bordellos. Trump seems to be on the same path. He has decimated the casino and banking industry in Atlantic City even before coming to power. The future looks very uncertain for both our countries. Enough of this for now. be well, smile alot and stay upright on your rides. =)

Richard Sleegers said...

I just came here to say I'm feelin' the love. I'm not going to talk politics, to keep it that way. :)
I'll keep looking for your wheels on the streets.

RANTWICK said...

Thanks on both counts, Richard! You are wise in this regard. I have walked back my little fit of judgy crank now, btw.

Steve A said...

Stroke. A brain version of a heart attack. You need to get stuff in perspective and hug your loved ones. Remember "Oldfool" and be wise. If it needed to be said, I really enjoy your blog!

RANTWICK said...

No worries on perspective, man; events like that sort a person out right quick.

Steve A said...

Note that I really enjoy your blog and I'm carefully avoiding any snarky political stuff regarding any place in the Northern Half of the Western Hemisphere. I DID, however, recently watch a show entitled "Hitler in the Andes." Nope, they didn't actually find him.

cafiend said...

Always good to see you.

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