Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Slanting Rays of Autumn

Most regular cyclists I know wear sunglasses to both cut the glare and keep their eyeballs from drying out. I couldn't find mine this morning, so I wore the clear safety glasses I usually save for the dark of winter.

It was a good reminder of how completely blinded anyone without shades could be, sun visor or not.
It changed the way I rode a little; at one point I pulled over and waited for overtaking cars to clear before getting out there to take a left. Stuff like that. Lovin' the Fall weather though; made a bee line for the path, where shade prevails much of the time. It was great. I hope your Autumn rides are proving just as nice!
Yer Pal,


Steve A said...

As we both know, either kind keeps the "watery eye" trend down.

cafiend said...

I usually post an item about solar glare every year on my blog. This year I didn't...and you did. It is very important to remember, along with the fact that a cyclist in the dusk can see better than a driver encased in a car can.

Maybe I'll put something out there just to amplify the message.

By the way, look in the freezer for your sunglasses. That's where I found mine one day when they weren't in any of the usual places. They'd fallen out of my pocket when I bent over the freezer to put something in.

Ian Brett Cooper said...

Not big on glasses of any kind while riding. They tend to slip down my nose and the image I see always gets distorted in some way I don't like.

As for enjoying the autumn weather, I am. A lot. It's raining here and I love cycling in the rain.

RLD said...

At least in my case it's far better to have the glasses on rather than steer the bike into the tree I didn't see. :)

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