Tuesday, October 8, 2013

No Leafy Goodness For You!

That was the email message I got from Recumbent Conspiracy Theorist, a past participant in the Autumn Tree Smackdown who knew that I wasn't running it this year. Fittingly, he sent me this perfect tree picture, the only kind I should expect to get this Fall:

Where, you may wonder, will all the leafy goodness go this year? Well, that's easy: the leafy goodness is hangin' out over at anniebikes! You got some goodness? Send it her way for sure.
Yer Pal,


RoadQueen said...

HAHA! I was there when that feathered goodness was captured. It was quite the spooky spectacle! :-)

Steve A said...

It's good! Be consoled that if it'd been held here this year, it'd have to be called "FOUR RATS." Hmm, come to think of it, the Rantwick face looks a very rodenty gray (grey for those in the frozen north).

RANTWICK said...

squeak shuffle shuffle.

TrevorW�� said...

I will miss your annual smackdown...Work and family time restraints must come first though... I've struggled this year just to maintain my blog.

RANTWICK said...

TW - Thanks man. I hear you on the struggle part.

cafiend said...

While I definitely don't fault you for abandoning the contest, the foliage is looking particularly bright this year. It's just camera shy.

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