Friday, February 8, 2013

I Am A Disappointment

Many people are going through a big snow day today. London Ontario got it pretty good (but could have been way worse) too. I drove to work. Strangely, the people who tell me I'm crazy for riding in winter are a little crestfallen when they find out.
I used to take days like this as a personal challenge and would ride come hell or high water, but with the new winter bike and its narrower tires, I felt it would take too long. That bike, by the way, is working out beautifully and is probably my best winter ride so far. It just isn't quite as good for big snows, when I need some floatation from the front wheel. Fat Bike yearnings! ARG! NOT... PRACTICAL...TOO...EXPENSIVE... n+1!
It is bugging me some... a fellow winter rider I know cycled past my house and called "Hi Patrick!" from his big MTB as he went by. I was clearing snow off the car. Me sad now. Guess I should just grow up and shrug it off as the small thing it is, but it's hard for me. Nobody likes feeling like a disappointment, y'know?

Yer Pal,


Skyers said...

I didnt want to feel like that... So I rode in.
My ride had an extra 10 min due to the road conditions.
I did brush off my wife's car tho before I left.
I think a Fat bike would be cool too!
Don't forget about the London Bicycle show this weekend.. Agriplex.

RANTWICK said...

Sure, rub it in, you $%^&^! :)

Bike Show! Tks! I always do forget.

babble on said...

I always love those days when the snow slows the traffic to trickle... they have a huge smugness quotient.

RLD said...

Ditto what Babble said. It's even fun on regular commuting days watching all the single occupant vehicles crawl their way at "rush" hour.

I wimped out today too. Kitchener got seriously whacked and I just stayed home.

Richard Sleegers said...

To your comment on the 02/27 LFPress article (I haven't set up a profile there yet), I found the commute quite unhindered today. A few icy spots at the stop signs leaving my subdivision, but the main roads were fine in the tracks, if sloppy. Not much room in the bike lanes so I took the main lane where I had to.
Nice to see a mixture of supporters to go with the haters in the comments.

RANTWICK said...

Richard - Yes, I was encouraged by the comments mix too... rare in newspaper comments sections. I also take the lane when it seems best / most safe.

Are you the pictured cyclist? Sounds like our commute was nearly identical in terms of conditions.

RANTWICK said...

Never mind, I went to your blog and see that you ARE the pictured cyclist! You're like a thin me! In red!

Richard Sleegers said...

Oops, I marked the photo private but I guess the FB profile pic goes public. I hope LFPress doesn't mind. I considered stopping so the photographer could credit me but I was making good time and the light ahead was green!

If there's a freeze covered by snow or if there is a real dumping of snow, I'll use the car or get a ride. This winter has actually been pretty mild overall.

Yes we do have some in common, including me being in the tech business as well. The blog is pretty sparse and needs some updating!

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