Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Things I Bring To Work!

There are worse things than having Wan Ming follow me to work. This time I managed to grab a long sleeve RANTWICK shirt of my wife's thinking it was a t-shirt of my own. No undershirt for me today. I prefer to wear an undershirt, so that is a minor annoyance.
Next, I discovered a pair of girl's underpants on my office floor. They had a pretty little bow on the waist and everything. Must have fallen off the shirt when I pulled it out of the pannier. Great. Thank you, static cling... what if I hadn't seen them? What if the next visitor to my office had found them instead? Gah!
At least I successfully brought a pair of my own undies this time. Someday I will leave the house in an organized, unhurried fashion. Someday.
Yer Pal,


drummergeek said...

Yikes! That's funny! :)
Family life is a never ending adventure.

Dee said...

I have underwear lapses and clothing disasters often enough that I now keep a complete change of clothes, a couple of pairs of undies and socks and a bra at work permanently. I keep them in a filing drawer. I learned the hard way not to keep them in a drawer I actually need to use when stuff came out with a contract folder. oops

RANTWICK said...

Hey, I have a filing cabinet drawer too! Undies and socks.

I can just see your folder tag-along in my mind. Ha!

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