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Friday, February 8, 2013

I Am A Disappointment

Many people are going through a big snow day today. London Ontario got it pretty good (but could have been way worse) too. I drove to work. Strangely, the people who tell me I'm crazy for riding in winter are a little crestfallen when they find out.
I used to take days like this as a personal challenge and would ride come hell or high water, but with the new winter bike and its narrower tires, I felt it would take too long. That bike, by the way, is working out beautifully and is probably my best winter ride so far. It just isn't quite as good for big snows, when I need some floatation from the front wheel. Fat Bike yearnings! ARG! NOT... PRACTICAL...TOO...EXPENSIVE... n+1!
It is bugging me some... a fellow winter rider I know cycled past my house and called "Hi Patrick!" from his big MTB as he went by. I was clearing snow off the car. Me sad now. Guess I should just grow up and shrug it off as the small thing it is, but it's hard for me. Nobody likes feeling like a disappointment, y'know?

Yer Pal,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fat Bikes and Grip Studs

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As much as I am happy and excited about Mutant Winter III, there is another winter cycling solution I am interested in. Fat Bikes. These are bikes that are designed for use on snow or sand or generally ugly terrain, characterized by crazy wide rims and very wide and usually rather soft tires. Good examples of the most popular are the Salsa Mukluk and the Surly Pugsley.

The reason I'm interested is that I could ride the unplowed and icy MUPs in London Ontario on one of these wonderful mutant-by-design bicycles. Studded skinny or even MTB tires aren't good enough to handle them; I have tried. The thing is, crazy wide rims and tires require crazy wide forks and crazy everything else. Crazy is expensive, especially when 1 in 1000 cyclists* will really want and actually pay for one. To give you an idea, searching for "surly pugsley" or "salsa mukluk" doesn't even yield any results featuring full bikes... $300 rims, etc, but no bikes.

I don't have the money to buy one of these things. A Pugsley sells for about $1700 on REI. A Mukluk runs about the same. I started looking into building one, but quickly realized that even the parts and tires put these things out of reach for me right now.

One nice thing I discovered while looking into building one of these monsters was There have always been DIY methods of studding bike tires, but I've never really believed that hardware store screws would hold up very well. Grip Studs fill the gap nicely. They are expensive, but with these you could stud any tire you wanted with high quality studs rather than trying to find a finished product like I have so far.

I think I'm gonna go talk to the people at First Cycleworks... they seem to enjoy building mutant cycles more than most other shops in town and I'm hoping they might have some useful and doable fat bike advice for me. Wish me luck!

Yer Pal,

* That statistic is based on nothing tangible. The 1000 could as easily be 500 or 10000. The author of this blog is thinking you'll get the idea whether number is accurate or not.