Monday, February 6, 2012

Sir Vay Lance

In my last post I mentioned something I found a little funny in my web stats. Well, the very next day I got a visit from somebody else I had never noticed before:

If you read my previous post and the comments on it with an eye toward specific words and phrases, do you think it possible that they may have flagged it for a little visit somehow? I can see a few that make it a possibility, if a remote one. I've never noticed that particular visitor before and they don't appear anywhere else in my recent web stats. Am I being paranoid? I must be. It's just a coincidence, I'm sure.

Yer Neurotic Pal,

PS - Just in case it is not a coincidence, please refrain from using words in the comments that may spark a refreshed interest... I am being stupid, especially knowing that I am a squeaky clean citizen, but humour me.

PPS - If you happen to be the visitor in question and you just like reading my silly stuff, let me know! If so, I'm treating you like the poor Doctor at a party who's being asked to "look at this weird thing on my neck"!


Steve A said...

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you! Hmm, the Canadian flag DOES have a lot of RED in it now that I think of it...

John Romeo Alpha said...

I find it funny they are letting themselves be tracked. Now they know that you know that we know that they know, we can all wonder WHY they wanted you to tell us that.

Mighk said...

Or it could just be a DHS employee who happens to like your blog and reads it at work.

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

No comment!

RANTWICK said...

Mighk - That what I hope as well... it's just that I have never seen them before.

I've added a PPS in case they return.

cafiend said...

Please accept my apologies, my upstanding Canadian friend, citizen of our good neighbor and staunch ally to the north! I'm the one who mentioned black SUVs. I should have remembered to include tinfoil hats to underscore the absurdity of the reference.

The Internet is a highly public place. Government agencies charged with trolling it for possible threats have plenty of tools with which to look for them and nothing else to do with their day.

RANTWICK said...

No sorries allowed on Rantwick, my friend. I thought it was kinda cool, actually.

Big Oak said...

I'm sure the PPS will encourage the person to come forward.

He or she will probably be disciplined for visiting your site from a government computer.

drummergeek said...

I finally just understood your title for this one. Wow I'm slow. I'm going to go eat some maraschino cherries.

After the squirrels stop hibernating, can we please have some more squirrel video with squirrel voices in it? I love those!

I have one that races me on the way home while it's running along a fence top. I keep thinking it's trying to get in position to jump on my head.

Thanks for all your good stuff Rantwick!

RANTWICK said...

geek - Should squirrels once again provide an opportunity for voiceovers, I will not hesitate.

Also, that squirrel is definitely working on jumping onto your head.

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