Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blog Stats Reveal My Normal Visitor

Like any blogging OCD freak, I sometimes look at my web stats to see how unpopular I am. I am quite unpopular. That's OK, though, because those who do keep coming back are generally my kind of people.

Those who don't keep coming back often land here because they were doing google image searches, and I saw something interesting today.

It's 12:25 AM. Do you know where your norms are?

I think Chris Koos, the mayor of Normal, may have an interloper on his hands, a late night image searcher straying from the path of true normalcy. Rooting out this person in a town with 50K+ people and Illinois State University within its borders may prove difficult.

Of course, the good people of Normal are very likely sick and tired of people like me being all juvenile like this. Remember though, that I'm writing stuff for the Internet. Juvenile is, sadly, the order of the day out here. I'm just trying to fit in; you know, like, act normal.

Yer Pal,


Carolyn said...

Too funny! I look at my stats lots too.

Steve A said...

Stats look lousy on an iPhone.


cafiend said...

They may have you under surveillance as a threat to all things Normal.


I got double captcha'd. Not normal enough!

RANTWICK said...

Wow, these captcha things are getting really advanced... they spotted you a mile off.

cafiend said...

I'm hoping they'll start following me with black SUVs. It will keep other traffic off my back.

Big Oak said...

Well, you've got a Normal visitor. At least I'm not the only unNormal visitor!

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