Thursday, February 10, 2011

Something Important That Has Always Bugged Me

Writing a blog on a regular basis can really change the way one thinks and acts. Normal people go through life being somewhat annoyed by this or that and then moving on. I, however, have a place to piss and moan about everything and anything my heart desires. I suppose I might carry around less anger because I let it out on a regular basis here. That's good. But I also whipped out my phone to take pictures of a deli meat package while making the kids' lunches this morning. That's just weird. I was already weird enough and it would seem that maintaining this blog is making me more so. Ah well, what's a weirdo to do? Roll with it, I guess.

Anyway, here's what has bugged me for a very long time:

You know these types of lunch meat packages that say "resealable" on one difficult-to-peel corner? I have NEVER been able to get that corner to truly re-seal. It will kind of stick back closed, but it invariably lets go again soon after.

Has anyone, ever, gotten one of the packages to do what they say they can do? I highly doubt it. Let me know if you have. Now that plastic zipper bag technology is widely available, why do packagers still use this method? So you waste more food and have to buy more? Maybe, I guess.

Wow. I am so sorry for wasting precious seconds of your life with this. I'll get back to wonderful bikes and cycling and leaves and trees ASAP, I promise.


Oldfool said...

In the food and household products of today I find that almost nothing works. Resealable packaging using glue never works, resealable zip lock tears next to the ziplock. Tear along dotted line never does. Toilet paper and paper towels tear in the middle instead of at the perforation. Many screw off lids require channel lock pliers. Simply getting the bag in the cereal box open requires tools now. I could go on and on.
"Nothing works" is said a lot around here about good ideas that don't work.

Big Oak said...

Well, on your next package of something that won't reseal, put on some of that tape you used to send my maple syrup! That'll seal it well.

Steve A said...

While I can't say it's actually true, I won't say it isn't. Namely that the USA sends all the defective resealable stuff up north to Canada so that the ones that work can be kept for our own use. Rantwick is getting perilously close to discovering a great secret. I've even heard that Kennedy got bumped off because he didn't like the original distribution plan.

rlove2bike said...

I haven't had any experience with the product you picture, but it sure looks good.

Apertome said...

I think Steve's onto something, although those things never work for me either, so Indiana must not be on the distribution list. Blast!

John Romeo Alpha said...

I can't even count the number of times I have struggled to tear open a packet of lunch meat, only to have it explode and send lunch meat flying in all directions.

Kokorozashi said...

Given the vagaries of modern food packaging, it's really something of a wonder we ever manage to eat anything at all.

Also, I think Kentucky was left off the distribution list as well. Apertome, do you think that makes us honorary Canadians? :D

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